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Fix Satellite Dish Reception Problems

Have you ever been curious why your satellite TV picture remains clear during thunderstorms and bad weather? Smooth reception regardless to the weather change is one of the best satellite TV advantages and yet very few people out there are talking about this. Make a search through the net, everyone is talking about free satellite tv, free Dish Network, free DirecTV. Do you see any “clear satellite TV picture” or “clear satellite receptions” searches? Bad weather does not affect satellite reception much. If you do experience satellite reception problems, there are a few things to check before you call your provider for help.

Tree blockage
It’s the middle of summer, every day is a sunny day, your garden is doing great with your trees growing extremely fast. Yeah, you are a happy man, until suddenly you find your satellite TV seems to not work very well and it is getting worse. You look at your dish, trying to follow the line of sight to the skies. Everything looks okay to you. But your eyes do not get any further than one of your trees that have grown so much it is now in the line of sight to the satellite. Yes, trees, branches, and leaves block the line of the sight to the satellite.

You know what to do, either cut off the top part of the tree or re-mount the dish back to a clear sight line. Yeah, its easy but I can assure you, many do not notice that and continue complaining about their bad satellite TV reception. They just do not figure out their beautiful garden is causing them the trouble. Other factors that might cause you trouble might be your son’s kite, dead birds, plastics, and what ever stuff that can get stuck on your dish. There are millions of possibilities! So, next time, don’t just sit there and complain. Remember to check your dish for obstructions when you suspect sattelite TV receptions problems.

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