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The Five Phone Features I Really Need

Phone Features 2013

It’s great that Apple’s new iPhone line has more color than the produce aisle and that I can get a Galaxy phone big enough to use as a ping-pong paddle, but why won’t cell phone makers give me the five features I really need?

Cell phone companies seem to have it made in the shade when it comes to new products.  Everyone is addicted to their mobile device, whether it’s just used for phone calls (how arcane!) or can also double as a supercomputer.  Every little announcement teases mobile device nirvana.

But despite all of the hype, there are really just a few things that I wish my cell phone could do:

1. Better Batteries:

The company that invents a battery that lasts more than a few hours will strike it rich.  Anywhere people congregate you can spot the eyes darting to the walls on the prowl for an electrical outlet.  All of this crawling around on grungy airport carpet wouldn’t be necessary if a phone’s battery was up to the challenge of actually lasting a couple of days.

2.Rugged Durability:

It’s true that accessory companies are the ones really making money with cell phones as the purveyors of protective screen covers, snap-tight cases, and other paraphernalia.  But why can’t I just enjoy the phone as it comes out of the box without all of the drama of finding just the right case?  It doesn’t need to float, but it would be great to have a phone designed for durability and functionality.

3. Ringer On?  Ringer Off:

How many calls have you missed because you’ve silenced your cell phone at a movie or other event and then forgotten about that fateful decision.  Now you’re playing phone tag for the next three days trying to find out who needed to speak with you and why.  I think a phone in the “ringer off” position should only go there for three hours.  Or at least that should be an option!

4. Perfect Password:

Now I’ve got an app to manage my myriad passwords.  Can’t we just use the password that opens my phone to do everything?  And while we’re at it, let’s have our phone fill out all of those order forms on the Internet.  Automatically.  Without Google AutoFill mercilessly reminding me that it can also do that.

5. Simplify:

It’s not really a feature of the phone itself, per se, but I wish the phone carriers could simplify, simplify, simplify! Look, I’m always going to need a phone.  I’m always going to be interested in the latest model.  I’m always going to consume more data than the cheapest plan.  Can’t the phone or the phone company look at my behavior and just offer me the best solution for the money?  I have finally discovered why high school algebra exists:  it’s to decode and compare the byzantine “nickel and diming” method of wireless phone charges.

Maybe you’ve got a beef about your phone or phone service. If so, let us know!  Wouldn’t it be great to know that someone out there is listening on the other end?

Thanks for taking five with ArlandCom.

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About the Author
Dave Arland is a 22-year veteran of the consumer electronics industry, working now to promote digital satellite services and broadcast mobile TV. He played a key role in the introduction of HDTV, mp3 audio, and electronic books. He runs Arland Communications, a full-service Public Relations & Communications agency from offices in Carmel, Indiana.

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