Locked Code for Mitsubishi VS-4504R


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I have an old, but still in good shape Mitsubshi Projection TV.... model number VS-4504R. The manufacturing date is Oct. 1990.

Recently when the set gets turned on the screen has a message on it saying that...

it is locked in EXT-1 and telling me to enter a 4 digit personal code using the 10-keypad and then press "enter" to view.

I do not have the owners manual nor do I have the original remote control or the code from the former owner for this set. I do have a universal remote which I have attempted to punch in a series of codes (guessing) but it does not respond, of course there are 10,000 potential possibilities. I must also tell you that this TV's tuner is not functioning. I have COMCAST cable thru a VCR/DVD player to change channels, it has worked fine that way up till now. I have also tried cycling the power (110vac) for a few seconds to see if that would reset it, but it did not.

I have perused thru some other models manuals that you are in PDF on the Mitsubishi website to get some ideas. I know it can be done. I just need to know how to clear/override this feature on this particular model and regain the use of the unit. If anyone has an original owners manual or can tell me what steps to take to correct this situation it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You need the original remote for your set. You press "QV" (quick view) and 9 at the same time. This will by pass the lock screen, which means you have to un-lock it every time you turn the set on. Once you un-lock it there is a way to reset the code, I just can't remember how to rite now ,so you'll have to play around with it. The other option is most common codes, 1234 is the default code. shops like to use 1111 and 9999. 9876, and birth dates are popular too, 1950-1970? GOOD LUCK

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