Problems with either Akai 30" WS or my DVD player... Any Help?


I bought a 30 inch widescreen Akai TV from Sams Club less than a month ago. I was using an s-video cable for the first couple weeks until I picked up surround sound and set up my mini home theater. I switched to using component video cables and started having problems with the picture during dvd playback. When the picture goes really bright to dark such as lightning flashes or pretty much all the way though Minority Report the picture flashs and the signal is lost very briefly. I went back to using s-video and found that it still does it just to a lesser degree. Has anyone else had problems like this with this tv? Or is it my DVD player getting ready to die? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Dallon
Check out this thread on ecoustics. It's about the 27" Akai, but it's the same problem you're describing.

I was looking for info on the AKAI CFT3090 because I'm considering purchasing it. Aside from the auto-brightness problem how has it performed?

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