Recording Dolby Digital 5.1 ?


Granted I have not pondered this issue to hard, but does anyone know if any of the currently available technology (i.e. DVD recorders, D-VHS, etc.) can record the full DD 5.1 mix ? If not, is there anything on the horizon ? I read a brief article in the current S&V online regarding recordable DVD players, which said they can only record DD 2.0. It seems to me that for recordable DVD players to really be desirable they must record the 5.1 (or eventually 7.1) mix. Is it technologically or economically infeasible ?

Technologically feasible, economically not feasible. for the same reason Hi-Fi VCR's don't have MTS (stereo) encoding on their RF output...Too expensive.

Besides there not being any consumer or professional equipment that is capable of this for cost reasons, I don't think it will ever be avilable, as a concession to the motion picture industry. The are upset enough that movies are being coppied, and shared through the internt, so to make 5.1 duplicating possible is out of the question. Dolby probably has somthing in place (legaly) to prevent such a device from being commercially available anyway. You can however, play a DVD in the Dolby Surround mode, and if your VCR is good enough, you will be able to decode the Pro Logic surround from your VCR to your receiver. It must be a stereo VCR, preferably HiFi or S-VHS, and set you receiver to Pro Logic, and have the VCR connected to the receiver.

I have a Directv Tivo system that records in Dolby Digital 5.1 on its hard drive. Great!!!

Is there a DVD recorder with a digital audio input?

I have a Dish Network PVR and I think it records in Dolby 5.1 on its hard drive. (It has an optical audio output and I know I watch live movies in 5.1)

Today I looked at various DVD recorders, Panasonic and Phillips and was shocked that neither had a digital audio input.

I want to get the movies off my hard drive and store them as DVDs with digital audio and video.

Am I dreaming or should I just put them on VHS?

Dolby Laboratories Approves First Software
Implementation of Real-Time Dolby Digital 5.1
Encoder for PCs Using C-Media Chipset...

Check the link below.

Kevan Kalos
I am a musician who is interested in re-mixing my music to take advantage of 5.1. I know how to create the re-mix but how to I record it to media so that I can duplicate and share?

Any Computer can copy DVDs. I have a 120 GB hard drive full of movies and when I play them, I get DD 5.1. SmartRipper can copy a movie in about 20 minutes (and removes Micronovision).

Kevan, Microsoft has tools for Media Player 9.0 that does 5.1 sound or use DVD authoring software to create a DVD to a burner with DD 5.1 and no video.

david redd
I would like to purchase a cd recorder but my cable box has an optical coaxial and the recorder has an toslink input, is there a converter out that can be used for this application??????

Radio Shack sells a converter.

Unregistered guest
I am new to the dvd ripping scene and i find it very confusing with all these programs that do one thing but not another. I just need a program that will back-up a my dvd movie (i.e. create a 1:1 copy of everything on that disk including all sound tracks [DD 5.1, DTS, etc.], subtitles, and original picture quality, be it super-bit or otherwise. Is there such a program available? I mean they did it with clone cd... instead of trying to bypass the CSS why can't software companies just read and write everything, copy protection and all?

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i've been using DVD XCopy platinum. It can copy DVDs with all the extra features. The lesser ones will divide the movies into 2 discs. The copy is excellent without any drop off that I can observe.
the only catch is that you can not copy the copy. But if you have the original you can make back up copies for as many times as you'd like.


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The optical-in on CD recorders is most likely PCM stereo format, but there's a difference between that and what my DVD recorder menus call "bitstream" PCM which is the 5.1 deal. If you've got a laptop that records video-in and you pick up an optical input device for a laptop, theoretically, you could record your own video and the 5.1 optical if the software existed. That's my question, does anyone know of PC software that will record 5.1 audio from the optical input when it's in bitstream 5.1? Everything I've used so far tries to interpret it as a 2-channel wav file. I also want to convert it to 2-channel, since this way there's no A/D or D/A steps, which is called PCM down-conversion.

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