Still no surround sound on TV shows, HELP!


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I've just about give up on surround sound from my TV setup. It works great from the DVD, but no matter what I try, I just can't make it work watching 24.
I have wires running all over the place back there.
Brett W

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what model and brand reciever do you have?

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You won't get surround unless your service provider is actually broadcasting in surround sound. It may say on the header of the show that it is "available" in surround or High Definition, it does nto however mean that you actually get that broadcast.

Contact your cable provider or check your cable box. See if you are connected properly for surround sound.

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I just had an interesting though. Can analog broadcasts be in 5.1?

Anyway, even if you did have digital cable, you would need a optical or digital coaxial out on your tv and a compatible receiver and a digital connector.

By the way, where I live 24 is in surround sound and, I say this with caution, is lots of fun. I say that because it's not worth spending any extra money to get


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I have a Yamaha 5480 receiver and Direct TV hookup. Should get surround sound> I'm running a 5.1 setup right now.
I have a optical audio cable running from the DTV box to an "in optical" spot on the amp.
I also have a RCA wires going to the TV directly from the DTV box.
I have the Yamaha receiver,
DTV box,
Sony dvd player(basic)
thats all I'm trying to hook up,.
brett w

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1. The program cannot provide surround sound unless it is a high definition channel (HDTV). NTSC rules only provide for stereo sound on normal SDTV channels. So, Stefan, you cannot have surround sound with an analog signal--only with a digital HD signal.

2. Then, both the signal provider and the program itself must be in 5.1 surround sound, or all you will get is stereo. I have watched many a HDTV broadcast only to find it was never encoded in Dolby Digital, just stereo.

3. Even though you may only be getting stereo, you can always switch to Dolby Pro-Logic II for your sound--it will emulate surround sound.

4. Did you "assign" the optical input on the receiver to whatever input you are using for your DTV box? I don't know your receiver, but many require that the optical input be "assigned" before the input is even activated. Check your owner's manual both to see if it is required and if so, how to accomplish an assignment.

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You probably mean the Yamaha HTR-5840, I'm guessing.

For taking advantage of Dolby Digital while viewing 24, it sounds like you have a connection from the DirecTV box into the "Digital Input - Optical - DTV/CBL" port in the back panel view shown here: RLTID=1504&DETYP=RELATION

and that the DVD feeding the similar optical "DVD" port.

I'm not sure why you have RCA wires going from the DTV into the television, admittedly. That would do anything for helping the receiver pump out 5.1.

So, when viewing your show, the "DTV/CBL" input should be your receiver's source for playing through the 5.1 configuration, it seems.

Does that setup put out any sound at all?

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Sorry Hawk, I had the above post in Edit mode for awhile and only just posted it. Your post is much more thorough, and there were no intentions on my part to repeat what you offered - I didn't see it until just now.

Oh, and additionally, I recently read about someone claiming to have a problem obtaining Dolby Digital through their DirecTV HR20 unit:

Just adding more items to check up on.

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