Hi All
I wonder how sony receivers are compared to onkyo
in similar price range ?

Frank B
Go with the Onkyo. Bang for the buck Onkyo is a much higher quality product. You will get more bells and whistles with the Sony but the sound quality is not even in the same leauge. I am refering to all products in the $600.00 or less category.

How about $600 or more ?

After doing hundreds of hours of research over several months, I have come to the conclusion that Onkyo sound quality and price is better than Sony. Sony has a better name and their products have a much much nicer look, but when it comes to sound and features, Onkyo rules over Sony.

I've been tempted many times to purchase Sony because of the way the product looks. I'm glad I stopped myself though.

For about $450 you can get a really nice Onkyo TX-SR600. For $100 more you can get the Onkyo TX-SR700.

The ones I mentioned are 6.1 channel receivers that have both earned rave reviews from

Granted, some units have mechanical issues, but the majority do not. Make sure you buy from an authorized Onkyo dealer -- that is key.

For the same price, however, you can't find a Sony that's comparable to the Onkyo in features or peformance. And some of them have the same mechanical problems that Onkyo have. Sadly, that's a fact.

Enjoy your new Onkyo :)

This is a wonderful receiver mated to very competent speakers and a terrific subwoofer. It's relatively easy to set up, and sounds terrific over all.

Unfortunately, some of these receivers seem to have a bug such that the Dolby Digital Low Frequency Effects channel (the ".1" of "5.1") is not output to the subwoofer. You might not notice because in the usual subwoofer mode, bass from the other channels is fed to the subwoofer, and sounds satisfactory if you don't know any better. But if you listen to the ship passing overhead in Attack of the Clones on one of the affected units after hearing it on a good Dolby 5.1 system, you'll know immediately that something's messed up. If you have not heard the scene on a system that outputs proper LFE, you might not notice.

Given that the system should probably sell for $800-1000 with 5.1 sound, you may decide that $500 for 5.0 is OK. Or you may get one without the bug. Who knows? I exchanged mine and got a second one with the bug.

This system should be sold as Dolby 5.0 and not 5.1 because it isn't.

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