Sony KV34HS420 or KV34HS510


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I just started looking for a new TV set and just started doing some research. The KV34HS510 is very highly rated but it is tough to find at a store. A lot of the stores are carrying the KV34HS420. Can someone provide me with any information or reviews about either of these. I am looking for an 32-36 inch HDTV set. Thanks.

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Hey Pete, If you're will to spend the $1500 on that set why not spend $500 more and get the Sony KD-34XBR960 Television with HDTV tuner built in? Check out the thread on this board titled "How About Sony's New KD-34XBR960 Television" For SONY info. check out this site

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save the 500.00 more--its the EXACT same tv=without the frills youll never use

Not exactly the same. If your satellite goes down at the first rain drop just use an antenna to receive free over the air digital channels. Others prefer Comcast digital cable without a set-top box so the CableCard feature on this display is more than a frill. Oh, by the way, the picture on this set blows away the 510 and 420.

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//I,d like to get one of the Sony,s but I also want to connect it to my computer. I have a ATI all in wonder. The DVI connector will not connect directly to either TV. S-video is to low a resolution. VGA would be OK. Anyone have a solution.

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buy a DVI to HDMI cable, they go for as low as 30 on the web or as high as 120 for MONSTER CABLE..these cables allow you to connect your ATI card to your tv

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I just bought a 510 and at the time, had the choice of the 420. I chose the 510 because it was a higher initial price but was being discounted to move it. It's suggested retail was around $1999 while the 420 was around $1499.

Well I opted for the 510 and am glad I did. It has two tuners instead of the single tuner in the 420.

I can watch in the dual display mode and get two near 19 inch displays on the wide screen of the 510.

It's great... Last weekend I watched NASCAR on one screen - no sound... while watching the Discovery Channel on the other screen with sound... and to swap from one sound to the other is just the flick of the remote's toggle.

I'd recomment the 510 all the way... if you have the choice.
It's great

you have too much time on your hand Genehil

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I intend to only receive a digital signal from Dish Network...not willing to pay for HD yet...I had read somewhere on the net that if you are NOT receiving an HD signal, then a digital signal actually looks better on a NON-HD set...?...any comments on this?...I'm looking at Sony box at Best Buy for $1225...any comments?...

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I have a 510 and love it.
I use it strictly for DVD 480p and HD over the air viewing. I purchased a Motorola HD Tuner, connected via component video and fibre digital audio cable to my surround decoder. PBS HD looks absolutely incredible, DVDs look pretty good as well.

To be honest (not kidding), this is my first TV in several years of strictly book reading but I am very impressed with how local analogue NTSC signals are displayed.

Only regret is not having an internal ATSC HD tuner.

If Sony wants it back, they'll have to pry my 510 off my cold dead fingers :-)

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i don't understand why anyone would pay an additional $500 for a tuner in the tv. the picture on the 510 is slightly better, but if you're getting an HDTV, you would be stupid not to get HDTV service through sattelite or cable and those services include a tuner box. The 420 is an excellent buy and can be purchased for about $1300 if you shop around.

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"i don't understand why anyone would pay an additional $500 for a tuner in the tv."

ABC,NBC,CBS,WB,PBS all in HD for free over the air. The highest quality HD over cab. or sat. since no compression. Not having yet another box to clutter. Not having yet another remote to clutter. Not having to buy yet more expensive cables to hook up outboard tuner. In sum, convenience and free HD.

technically only C-Band (large dish) and over the air deliver a clean uncompressed HI DEF SIGNAL

However not sure if one could in a practical sense tell the difference between a Comcast signal vs OTA, least one on an optimally setup unit. DirectTV, Voom etc probably can do the same


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I'm an over the air fan. I can't see paying comcast extra for HD channels I can receive for free. I use a radio shack indoor antenna which works great and I live 40 miles away from tower. I receive the channels Two Ner spoke of except CBS because of contract dispute (not avail. on comcast either). Anonymous is correct in that comcast and ota hd look the same. For me it boils down to convenience in having internal tuner. Plus, I am getting second tv w/ internal tuner for the bdrm and I wont have to pay yet another fee to comcast.

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"Not exactly the same. If your satellite goes down at the first rain drop just use an antenna to receive free over the air digital channels."

Still doesn't justify the built in tuner. An OTA antenna run through your HD receiver will work even during the second, third, and fourth drops of rain. Besides, I'm living in Minnesota, and believe me snow is way worse for sat signals than rain, and I haven't lost my signal at all this year. I think most of the signal loss is due to bad dish positioning and the resulting poor signal strength.

The only slight bummer with this set, other than weight, is no PIP, but you just need to decide if it is worth the extra $500 for it.

Oh, and by the way:
"ABC,NBC,CBS,WB,PBS all in HD for free over the air. The highest quality HD over cab. or sat. since no compression."

Yes, the networks are all free. You still need an antenna to get them, right? Also, if you want any good sports content (Sunday ticket), you're gonna need to buy a DirceTv HD box anyhow.

"Not having yet another box to clutter. Not having yet another remote to clutter."

If this is worth $500 dollars to you, you are an idiot. I barely use my TV remote anyhow, it sits tucked away in a drawer and doesn't bother me. And again, to get decent sports content, you'll have to bear with the eyesore of another box. Just take the $500 dollars you saved to the horse track and thank me later.

"In sum, convenience and free HD."

In sum(mary), you're an a**hole.

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"The only slight bummer with this set, other than weight, is no PIP"
below is from sony on pip

"Twin View Picture & Picture Using Multi-Image Driver (MID-X), Twin View allows you to watch two programs side by side with the ability to zoom in on one picture and listen to the program in the selected window. You can watch pictures from two different sources (1080i, 720p, 480p, or 480i) simultaneously."

"you are an idiot"
i guess the above from sony shows who the less than stellar genius is. my perception of two's post are reasons (not reason) why he/she believes the extra cost is worth it. as far as your comment on the remote clutter you are obviously not married and with your attitude I see why. a difference of opinion is tolerated, not your foul mouth. you need to grow up before you are welcome back on this forum.

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dear "formermod,"

Wish me Happy B-Day, I think I'm all grows up now, but I'll let you be the judge, OK?

I dont care what you call it, pip, picture and picture (and yes, I do know what the difference is), whatever, the cheaper set doesn't have it.

Also, I'll stand by calling anyone a moron that, in essence, spends $500 to not have another remote control in the house.

And by the way, like you play the marriage card.
Fortunately, my wife and I have found room to squeeze another remote in our drawer.

Hope that was grown up enough for you. My whole intent was to point out to others the lunacy of this thread because for some families $500 is alot of money.

PS: get bent


It seems to me from this thread that the KV34HS510 is better than the 420. Problem is I can't seem to find the 510. Should I keep searching or should I get the 420 since they are in stock. Kind of new to this stuff so any info would be appreciated.

I dreamed of owning a 510 from the day I saw it in the Sony store. Money was running dry, and then the well started filling again a short while later. Started looking again, and all I could find was the 420. I turned my head. Did not impress me at all. The case looks cheap, the edge of the screen where the case meets look awfull, and there is no design to the cabinet! No twin tuners, no mem stick, no hdmi input. I lucked out at Sears one friday noght when they had a grand reopening at the store near my house, and holy canoly, there it was and man, it was reduced, and on sale, and then the manager gave an extra 30% off. I walked away with it for a great deal! I have been totally thankful I got it, and at the price I wanted! Remeber one thing, if you are going to spend over a grand on one of these, get the best one you can (the 510 that is), or just go get a top of the line rear projection! You really are paying a top dollar for this CRT, and you can't compare the picture not even to a dlp, or lcd. So you are getting the cream of the crop in the CRT, so just get the best!!!!!

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Two Ner, good job. Succinct and to the point. It's very presumptuous of some of the posters who suggest that one would never use the ATSC tuner. How would they know that? They can only advise us that they would not use it.

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I purchased the Sony Kv-34HS420 less than 5 months ago, recently my screen turned a bright pink tint, has this happened to anyone else. Does anyone have any info for me??? I kick myself now because I splurged the extra money for HD and wide screen and therefore had no money left for the extended warranty!!!!
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