Input connections? PC/DTV RGB and DVI? Difference?


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I'm planning to buy a zenith D52WLCD. The specs list that is has 2 component inputs as well as a PC/DTV RGB input connection. I'm familiar with DVI connections, because that's what my dvd player and voom box uses. What exactly is a PC/DTV RGB connection and will I be able to use it with my current DVI components?

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I have a Zenith D60WLCD, which has the same connections as the D52WLCD, so I can try to answer your questions. No, you will NOT be able to use DVI components, because the TV does not have a DVI input. PC/DTV RGB connection is a 15-pin connection that you can use to hook up your computer to the TV set. I use it to connect a Sony HD-300 satellite receiver to my TV. I use the two component inputs to hook up two DVD players (one standard, one multisystem).

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Andy, I have the predecessor to your Sony, the HD200. I'm not happy with the component video output, and I was thinking of using the 15 pin RGB. Curious if you have tried both. Any opinions?

I'm especially confused because many people are telling me that RGB is better than component, but then my LCD monitor will only accept 480p through its RGB input. Not 720p of 1080i. I would like to scale to my monitors native rate of 720p, unless of course it turns out that the SOny scaler sucks.

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I have not tried to hook up the HD300 to the TV via the component output, because my DVD players do not have the RGB output,so I couldn't have them both connected, but I am quite happy with the RGB connection. The picture quality is outstanding for HD channels. I thinkthat the RGB connection does support 720p, at least judging by the quality of the picture and the readout from the HD300.

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