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i have a set of dish satellite equipment, with a echostar 3900 upgrade ,and a Dish 500 antena. After I have started up the receiver, and entered my zip code in the satellite setup menu, I am able to get the elevation, Azimuth and skew number, I followed the instruction, but I still not able to get the signal, may I know if anything wrong with my cable? receiver? or the dual LNB? I have been trying to get this satellite set working for 2 months, still no luck, I am planning to sell all the satellite set if I am still not able to fix it. Hope any of you can really help me out.
Thanks a lot!

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Do you have a satellite pointing meter to be sure that your dish is pointed correctly? They are about $40 for a decent one and are a valuble setup and testing tool. If you dont have one borrow one from somone. put the meter in line with the LNB and power the receiver the light and a noise should be heard and when pointed right the needle will go nearly hard up. If the meter shows signal and the receiver dont then there is a problem with the IRD. Espicaly if you have the meter hooked up in line with the IRD pluged in and there is no light or noise from the meter at all. Then check your cable untill the test meter gets power from the IRD to light up and make a noise. Good luck.
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