SV1 UP and RUNNING took me 4 days to get it going


I almost gave up and then .....Hallelujah1 Im A total novice.If you want a laugh,laugh at me.I did not have the receiver plugged in at 1 time and I also never knew that the computer has to be on all the time.I got directions from all over.The people that sold it to me told me I was sending them to many questions.I never soldered anything in my life until this week.I even bought the wrong type of solder gun,quite large.I know now that I should have had a small iron.I got all the channels in and now have disconected until I get digital locks tomorrow.I hope I can install them?Im assuming because I managed the other that this should be a breeze.I still have many questions,hope someone gives me some feedback.I have read a lot of good stuff on the lower threads but still need to learn about getting cam ids etc etc.Is it DUMB to use a cam id that was legitly registerd to me?Could I get in BIG TROUBLE>

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Help Me I need directtv and is this Dssvision site for real
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