Transferring video footage from my vcr to my pc?


i taped some stuff on my vcr for a friend in usa (im in uk) and he told me i could transfer the taped footage to my pc and send it to him. he wasnt sure how though. could anyone help me out with this?


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Where are the answers for these questions??

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I was looking for something different over here. I can answer the question though - VCR footage can be transferred to PC and burned on DVD Video or VCD quite easily. Buy an analog capture card or use a DV camcorder that can convert analog video/audio into DV. For more information look up the site I use a firewire capture card (or IEEE1394) and a sony DV camcorder to convert the VHS to DVD. It works great. Then I use Ulead VideoStudio 8 to capture (or transfer) the video footage to PC, edit and then burn a DVD Video.

My problem is that I have some old family movie footage oon VHS tapes that are wrinkled a little, because my old camcorder was defective. I can watch those tapes when I play them in a VCR but can't convert well to DV. Any help?

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i hav some VHS's i want to put on my PC, and i was wondering if there was a way to do this without buying lots of expensive programmes/equipment??? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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OK guys. There are only two ways to do this. 1: buy an analog capture card that you install into the computer. 2: if you have a mini-DV camcorder you could use that to convert from analog to digital and then send it to the computer via FireWire 1394 port. Either way you go you're going to need video editing software, I use Pinnacle studio 9 ($90 bucks from Best Buy, $120 if you get the capture card with it)
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