Canada's Bill C-30 Target FTA users


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Bill C-30

An Act to enact the Investigating and Preventing Criminal
Electronic Communications Act and to amend the
Criminal Code and other Acts

"Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act"

327. (1) Everyone who, without lawful
excuse, makes, possesses, sells, offers for
sale, imports, obtains for use, distributes or
makes available a device that is designed or
adapted primarily to use a telecommunication
facility or obtain a telecommunication service
without payment of a lawful charge, under
circumstances that give rise to a reasonable
inference that the device has been used or is
or was intended to be used for that purpose, is
(a) guilty of an indictable offence and
liable to imprisonment for a term of not
more than two years; or
(b) guilty of an offence punishable on
summary conviction.

(2) If a person is convicted of an offence
under subsection (1) or paragraph 326(1)(b),
in addition to any punishment that is
imposed, any device in relation to which the
offence was committed or the possession of
which constituted the offence may be ordered
forfeited to Her Majesty and may be disposed
of as the Attorney General directs.

(3) No order for forfeiture is to be made in
respect of telecommunication facilities or
equipment by means of which an offence
under subsection (1) is committed if they are
owned by a person engaged in providing a
telecommunication service to the public or
form part of such a person's
telecommunication service or system and that
person is not a party to the offence.

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It seems to be directed mostly against child por nography, etc. However, it will have far reaching consequences to privacy.

Interested people should read this article in the Toronto Star

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Subass you will be in jail soon for your illegal activities and sharing NFPS
How you claim to reload files and boot receivers in your posts when you claim you have no NFPS


You are running a receiver to pirate TV channels in your own home-----Illegal

You are posting IP addresses from privet servers-------------Illegal

You are assisting others to get and use IKS ------------Illegal

You are paying a privet IKS server--------illegal


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As i've stated previously

Many "clients", much like Nydas , Pest control, subash and others, who've attempted to plea their innocence at my place of employment, failed miserably, do to their own convictions.

Upon doing so, they're now unable to walk the streets a free man.

Be very careful what you type on line and make damned sure you have positive proof of evidence that can be held against them in a court of law. Or you in return can be convicted of various criminal offences.

Consider this a warning to you and your friends, kid.

If Nydas is innocent as he claims, then he has nothing to worry about.

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I have had enough of your ravings and warnings.
If you are trouble maker from the past, then I can tell you to go to hell.
If you are trying to imply that you have some connections with the legal system, then I will tell you this.
Nobody may repeatedly insult another person even if that person is a known criminal. If you are connected with the law in any capacity, you are expected to know this even better than an ordinary citizen; therefore your offense is more severe
Nobody may repeatedly accuse another person of crimes. Such repeated accusations at some point become an offense themselves punishable both under the criminal and civil law. If you are connected with the law in any capacity, you are expected to know this even better than an ordinary citizen; therefore you are required to bring the person you think is a "criminal" before the criminal system of the country. Repeated harassment of the type you are doing are an offense.
Now I suggest you get off this forum and stop insulting and harassing.
You are neither a helper here nor a person needing help.
The only help you did not ask for but I have given is that the kind of repetitive actions you have embarked upon and selective warnings are considered harassment under the law.

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Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Actions

Criminal Acts are based on the "person(s) actions" over the internet, be it por nography or defaming of ones character.

In accordance within the internet laws, some investigations of exploiting a child threw po rnography ,the laws vary in accordance to what the pedophile(s) has written or how far he/she has ventured into exploiting the child(s) over the internet.

An on line predator(s) whose main goal is to stalk and or troll his or her victim(s) by means of bullying his way around in an environment such as a discussion board forum or line chat room(s), can be charged in compliance for his or her written words. They are fully and solely responsible their text and actions.

Some examples are: false accusations, se xual and or mental abuse, harassing of member(s) by use of profanity and so on.

Internet Piracy is the unlawful reproduction and/or distribution of any copyrighted digital file that can change hands over the Internet. This can be done with music files, videos and movies, e-books, software, and other materials such as stealing Tv channels from either Dishnet or Bell TV, this is called Digital TV piracy.

These are just a few of the criminal offences a suspect can be charged with under federal laws.

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What part of the words "THIS IS A FREE ON LINE DISSCUSION BOARD can't you understand? .

Nobody may repeatedly insult another person even if that person is a known criminal.

Explain that to your friends subash and pest conrtol too

If you are connected with the law in any capacity, you are expected to know this even better than an ordinary citizen; therefore your offense is more severe }

Are you accusing me of impersonating an officer ,lawyer or judge ?

Nydas you say:Nobody may repeatedly accuse another person of crimes" yet here you are doing just that right now with your post defaming me !

Nydas you also say: Such repeated accusations at some point become an offense themselves punishable both under the criminal and civil law

Where have you done your research kid? On line bullying is also a crime of which you are guilty of!

Nydas you've just said : Repeated harassment of the type you are doing are an offense.
Now I suggest you get off this forum and stop insulting and harassing

I say; You've exhibited just what a true on line bully does.

Son : this is a place to discuses Satellite TV in general. You have been misinformed if you're thinking that this is a place to share links and information to pirate Satellite TV channels.

I am here posting my personal opinions against piracy and or defending my rights against on line bully's like you and your friends

Where in the rules and guide lines of this forum is it written that I am breaking any laws, Internet rules or for that matter any civil or federal criminal act?

Just because you can't comprehend any critical or crucial facts against on line piracy, doesn't make me the criminal!

Being able to take criticism is part of growing up kid. Bullying me all the time as you and your friends have been doing is what you call a crime!. Therefore you are guilty !!!!

Just because you can't take anyone's opinions but your own or you friends, does't give you the right to imply or insinuate that I am a crook or criminal of any kind without merit. In doing so you have commited yet another crime defaming of my character which is a federal offence.

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tommyhesaw: I just told and am telling you again that you are completely out of line. You came under the pretense of asking for help, when your intent ALL ALONG WAS TO UNDERMINE THIS FORUM.
I am not insinuating anything; I am making a direct and simple statement. You are nothing but another basher who has come here to bash me and other helpers. Is that amply clear?

This forum is not about your opinion of me or any other member;
it is about your opinion if any, of satellites and channels and how to get services.
If you don't like me or the way I or anybody else helps others, you either help them YOUR way or not. Is that amply clear?

If you are concerned that anybody is doing something illegal then you should complain to the forum authorities in the suggestion area or to the authorities. DO NOT HARASS AND THREATEN ME OR OTHER MEMBERS. Is that clear?

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tommyhesaw..... Nydas say: DO NOT HARASS AND THREATEN ME OR OTHER MEMBERS. Is that clear?

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Luke : Using bestiality words against somebody is a reportable crime.

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NydAss you are a clown..I would love to see the reaction you get when you report the crime I allegedly committed. I find that funny considering how you advocate the theft of copyrighted material on this site.

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I'm sure you all have plenty of brains cells, but no common sense to establish or grasp the severity of your action here . Do you think you're above the law hinding behind your keyboards?

First of all Nydas, you and your gang whatever you call yourselves. started calling Luke and myself names and then had the audasity to start accusing us both of crimes we've not committed.

Then with your most annoyingly persistents had us unwillingly dragged into your childish feud with the rest of this forum that you call the fun bunch.

I can speak for myeslf here, I never asked to be accosted or harassed with your vindictive behaviors.I am however asking you to stop your false accusations against my character.

You clowns are lucky neither of us or any of the other members here report you. It will be you 3 going to jail for criminal activities both federal and civil offences.

I was told of another member that you harassed and abused till she threaten to have you charged. You all then begged the admin to have her bannished off this forum to shut her up. If she proceeded with her claims of defamation TRUST ME you would not be here now accosting me now.

So let me make this clear. I on the other hand, will not shut up nor will I back down if you continue to make false allegations towards me banned or not.

Understand by no means am I speaking for Luke, but he to can have you all brought up on all accounts as well. If LK G2 and the rest were smart, they'd do the same.

The choice is yours to make. Either present your facts against us all to the RCMPs insted of making idol threats OR face the consequences for your actions from here on in. IS THAT CLEAR!!!

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Luke and tommyhesaw: Let ME also make this clear to you once for all.
1. Luke has made serious suggestions of criminal bestiality against a member who has been around for over three years. He has also made similar suggestions against me and Subash. You idiots should familiarize yourself with the criminal law before suggesting that it is not serious crime.

2. tommyhesaw: You came in here asking for help and soon turned into a basher. This is identical behaviour to many at this site. In fact you are none other than a previously banned member who was very undesirable here to say the least.

3. I have told you so before, and am telling you again. Do NOT call me a theif, etc. I just pointed out that a company as big as Google, supplied and ad to this big forum called Ecoustics, and that ad was about IKS on private servers.It was displayed here as
The legality of IKS or otherwise is clear to these two companies much bigger than me and THEY are openly exhibiting their advertisements and allowing members to click through to those sites. By suggesting anything otherwise, you are trying to obstruct this site. Therefore you are a persona non grata here and should quit.

4. Repeated threats to me ant others are harassment and will be treated as such by courts. If you have problem with any of my posts as to their legality, you are welcome to post your concerns in the suggestions box which you know about or go to the authorities.

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Luke: If you have concerns with what Subash posts, you report him to the Admin.

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Luke is informing tommyshesaw aka Doreen, who Doreen was. What a laugh!
A troll is a troll is a troll for ever. Trolls can't change.

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Last week wasn't I supposed to of been Luke and the week before that I thought I was LK?

Nydas you've accused me of being so many others I've lost track.
Now I am supposedly this Doreen member because I happened to of mentioned her name in reference to a post i made.

Bravo Nydas for being so astute in your observations, next you'll be saying " I am God" because I've just brought him up now too.

I see how your mind works Nydas

You better replace that 15 watt incandescent bulb you call a brain, with at least 100 watts.
BTW, are you aware a law passed by congress in 2007 effectively outlawing the continued use of incandescent bulbs? Better recharge your cells son. Stay in school and learn. An active mind stays alert. You've killed your one brain cell by doing to many drugs kid.

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Tommy..............don't look for her, she will rest for while
too many @ss kickings this morning
but she will return.... so don't go anywhere

a friend of mine told me about this site not much on
FTA TV, but lots of laughs.

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tommyhesaw aka Doreen: I never said you were aka LK or anybody else.
I don't need to give you proof
You are an Internet troll and that is what you are.

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this thread rocks let me get the popcorn.

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G2 means gaandu 2nd grade
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