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Did u guys hear about this one:-

To all Nanosat testers.

Skyteam is working on something very big and within 3 weeks the team is
announcing it here. Skyteam apologizes for the recent outages it was
caused by server upgrades

skyteam only releases files here
skyteam delivers the best support
skyteam is testing something very big for nanosat testers
This is Skyteam first and only post here. Skyteam believes actions speak louder than words

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07-31-2011, 04:01 PM
The following comments are from a LimesatJapan diginitary at another site - C/P Limesat
First off, This is no longer a rumor!

Servers taken over by DN and they are logging users IP's. I-link, SatZen, Conaxsat, Topsat, ViewSat, Xfactor and NanoSat Users!
Do NOT call the number and admit anything! They don't have any proof that it was you.

DN has either sent requests or lawsuits to their hosting company in order to get them access to their servers. Clearly the hosting company assisted DN in their attempt to take over the server and log users ip's. I would be very interested in how they hosted their servers. It had to be local or they had a very pathetic overseas hosting. Really secure hosting companies overseas would tell DN and any law enforcement to shove it with that type of request.

All I-link, SatZen, Conaxsat, Topsat, ViewSat, Xfactor and NanoSat models share the same servers. Some models are capable for network messaging so those are the only units to display the message. Other units are still logged if you are using any bin file that is directing to those servers. Do not think simply switching to private is safe. Your receiver may still try to make a connection to pubic even though you are using private. Also remember that they did this very same thing to nfps & darkangel's private servers and logged their ip's as well.

......I see that some units have already released a new bin file. I would load their newest bin file right away as that is most likely the safest file possible.

So, the only official confirmation comes from Limesat? Maybe they want to sell more units?
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