Will a 18" dish receive signal from 77w


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I will be setting up my satellite system within the next week and have a few questions.

Here is what I have.
- Viesat Max HD with 8psk turbo module and weather forecaster.

- Dish 500 satellite dish with Dish Pro Plus Twin Lnb.

- 18" dish single lnb.

I want to get 110/119 with the dish 500 and hook up one of the 18" dishes to the DPP Twin LNB to receive signal from 77w. (77w has a lot of my local channels in HD on it)

First, can I receive signal from 77w with the 18" dish with a single lnb hooked up to the DPP Twin lnb.

Second, will I have to have a 2nd receiver to effectively power my system. I read that a DPP Twin lnb needs at least 650 amps to work and I don't know if my Viewsat Max Hd can power everything. I also have an old DN receiver that I can use to help power my system, and if I do have to have a 2nd receiver, what kind of splitter do I need to run my cables to my Viewsat Max HD and old DN receiver.

I have been on many forums and there are many combinations and the more I read the more confused I become

Can someone help me out.


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Depending on where you are, you may not be able to catch 77 with any of your dishes.

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61.5, 72.5 and 77. are mirror images of 110/119/129 but I am not sure which mirrors which. I am hitting those 3 eastern arc sats and some channels identify as being on 77. From Louisiana I have to use the Dish 1000.4 HD Turbo but I still get nothing on my FTA receivers, only the Dish DVR receivers work.

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First, can I receive signal from 77w with the 18" dish with a single lnb hooked up to the DPP Twin lnb.

No, even if you could, public or private has no access to that Bird.
you best bet is to point your dish to 119/110

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1. Your Viewsat HD will receive all free channels on 119/110
2. Your Viewsat HD will receive all free channels on 77W. As you stated, your interest is in local HD channels, most of which are probably free.
3. Two receiver these three sats on one receiver, you can hook them us with a DisEqC 4 to 1 switch.
4. Most likely you will have power problems if you do that, therefore it is advisable to use a more sophisticated device
- a DP44 will meet the requirements of proper powering.
- a DP34 will NOT meet those requirements. However, if you happen to have a DP34 lying around and can find a cheap Dish receiver, you can use these together. Use the old Dish receiver on Port 1 output of the DP34 and the Viewsat on any of the other outputs. The old dish receiver is for powering only and must be left on to receive proper signal on your Viewsat.
5. As already mentioned above, the Public and Private IKS does NOT support any channels on 77W; therefore, expect only free local channels of 77W.
6. If you have a Public of Private IKS service, you can expect to get some of the Paid channels of 110/119
7. DPP package usually implies a 24" dish able to get 118W. If that is the case and you have some kind of IKS, you may get some of the International channels, depending upon the IKS service status.
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