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799 Gemni working

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Some of the Ind/Pak channels are working like GewNews, Express, Willow, Star+, Star1, Hum...... But some are down like for a month or so, like see, Geo, set, setmax,zcine, ptv, dawn.....

Any one know when are they coming back up?

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61.5 west

TMP46 - 4816 - Fox News
TMP50 - 4820 - Showtime West
TMP26 - 4825 - HGTV
TMP56 - 4826 - MTV
TMP57 - 4827 - Disney XD
TMP69 - 4835 - RAI Italia
TMP66 - 4836 - IFC
TMP67 - 4837 - Food Network
TMP68 - 4838 - Travel Channel
TMP71 - 4839 - HBO 2 East
TMP72 - 4840 - The Weather Channel

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What is this list?
Working channels on public or what?

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Anyone know if 603 or 605 are working?

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as of now these two channels are down
603 ERT World Greek 12155 118W
605 Ant 1 Satellite Greek 12002 H 118W

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most of the channels are back on internationals please watch and enjoy

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Ok, friends tell me which receiver you have, for you getting international channels.
becoz am going to buy one new receiver today.

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My dear friend MKM I would like to inform you that VS ultra is wide open with OLGIE 666 EUR binary file. ENJOY

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Huh !! @ conservative
Can you please give me the the files then.
Because I have to set up my Receiver, since I dont have any files on my USB, since my kids erase all the files from the USB.
So please give me all files necessary to re-set-up my Receiver.

Thank you.

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Here you go MKM:

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MKM, You can also get your files here : section.

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Zulu, I havent been able to enter the web-site, becoz, they are not accepting registration nowadays.

Virus, I havent been able to locate the files section in
Any another link.?

thank you even though Zulu & Virus.

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Sorry Mkm, Plymouth and nydas deleted the file share section here a few day's back so ppl will have to PM Sada and buy a Nfps account id from him.

No more free bin files. SORRY

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MKM: These people are pulling your legs.
Ecoustics does not have and has never had a file section.

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don't listen to NODOS, she's off her meds again.
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