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Posted on Friday, November 12, 2010 - 05:44 pm:
As of now this service is working fine. It is a paid service (2 weeks free trial).

You need to check your info. before you send your
brothers to the slaughterhouse - dispute charges with your credit card company
Dear all,

For all those who fell prey to the acts of, the best advice I can give you is call your credit card company and dispute the charges. I was promised by them a full refund of my money for the duration for which the Zee services were disrupted. They never gave it to me and so I disputed the charges with my credit card company. Only way to get your money back.

Posted By: banirbanma, on Sunday, October 10, 2010


Don't sign for trial period
They charged my credit card even though my account is not setup. I never received a confirmation email that my account is created. I canceled my account and also no email. Keep charging my credit card even after canceling account.
Posted By: shail1975, on Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Pathetic WatchIndia.TV company - an embarresment to all Indians
For anyone out there wanting to subscribe to Watchindia.TV, please don't. Watchindia.TV is totally unprofessional, there is no transparency in anything they do. They are a bunch of crooks; who have taken my money but the service/support they offer is deplorable. I have subscribed for a one year package; with a setup top box. But this broke down in less than 2 months. I have had endless emails, conversations with them and asked them for a refund. But there has been no progress whatsoever! So anybody thinking of subscribing to Watchindia.TV PLEASE DON'T !!!
Posted By: kabadula, on Friday, September 17, 2010}}}

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Registered: Jun-06 site: For a site like that, I would consider that about 20 dis-satified customers and 10 official complaints would make it worth investigating further.
Till that time I will give by the real and CONTINUING good experience of my friend who I have known for over 20 years.
He says he is getting excellent recetion on all the channels in the package he is subscribed to.
Name one receiver or service against which there have not been complaints and I would say tha you ownit, so you don't want to reveal the complaints.

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Name one receiver or service against which there have not been complaints and I would say tha you ownit, so you don't want to reveal the complaints.

Don't know what you mean when you say Name one receiver.
There only a box they sell you to connect to your PC so
you can watch on your TV.

In a significant strategic development, Internet television company has announced the launch of set-top box (STB) for streaming live Indian TV channels on television.

Do you really except anyone here to believe you
that your friend said that?

Look all this info. is a C/P from Google
to warn your brothers I just posted few of them
there is lot more complaints at Google
posted by your brothers there not here say friend.

Review on - they do not deliver what they promise is does not deliver what it promises. From my experience i would advise Indians abrod to not to subscribe to this. They promise one thing but do not deliver it.let me give you the facts from my
personal experience. I subscribed to the megapack yearly two months back and have now cancelled it. I really regret subscribing to this. I am doubtful if I will get my money back.
When I subscribed I was told that its a live feed and past programs are recorded and available for 2 weeks in the past through the video on demand feature. But when I logged in I could not make use of the video on demand feature.every time I tried it I would be logged out and sent to their home page and had to log in multiple times. When I called
customer service they said that its only for new channels especially regional channels I subscribed. but they have not stated that in their e-mails or any communication. I think that is cheating and not a good way to do business. Customer service had the nerve to say that I should
have checked which channels have video on demand. I think that is something they are supposed to be displaying on their website.
Also recently I noticed that out of the 4 tamil channels that are there in my package, 3 of them are not working. When I click on them, the website asks me to subscribe to those channels, when I have already paid $239 for the megapack which is supposed to include those channels. Now they are telling me that I never might have been able to see those channels. Another customer support person says that that was a trial period offer. What they are saying is not true. Moreover they asked for 24 hours time to resolve it. Why would anyone wait 24 hours to watch a
program. Also even after 24 hours issue was not resolved. They do not have any supervisor or management level person there to take your call. They want me to call in my midnight to talk to their supervisor. Now I think they know my caller id and are nto picking my call. I have been
on hold for 30 minutes.
Hence please do not subscribe to this business. They need to know that they cannot treat customers like this if they want to grow their business.
Posted By: minky76, on Saturday, October 31, 2009

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a piece of crap.

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Jennifer Conus has posted a Virus site do not go there

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How can i tell a Virus site?

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Your anti virus software will indicate it and give you an option to get out of it.
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