Drembox500 or Nfusion or SV360---Need ur opinion


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I m ready to buy NFPS receiver. I already got donation # but I m confused which receiver is reliable and has no or less freezing. I am interested to buy any one of the following listed receivers

Sonicview 360 Elite
Sonicvire 360 Premier
Nfusion Phoenix
Nfusion Solarias

Can someobody a kind enough and give me an advice.
I am fully aware that I have to buy dongle/Ihub with the above receivers except DB or Nfusion

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You will be Sorrry!!!

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You need to wait for the man
His middle name is IKS goes by the nick sada
most experience and honest man.
forget the rest he is the best


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i will recommend i link9000+ reciever it has better guide as i was told ..got ids for discounted price..as u prob seen in other thread

Supported receivers:
Nfusion Nova, Solaris, Phoenix (difficult to setup), NF HD not working yet. DP compatibility is iffy and not possible on 118; average to below average picture quality; NO EPG.
SonicView 360P, 360E, 8000HD (HD tested, CCE problem fixed now, but fix may be unreliable depending on one's opinion)
Dreambox All models like DM100 (non-linux), DM500, DM800HD, DM8000HD, etc. (DM100 is the easiest to setup; DM800HD tested with skywalker-1, other HD models untested for HD)
AZBox all models (average setup, AZBoxHD premium plus tested for HD, other HD models untested for HD channels)
Coolsat (with PC) all models, but no r-link support (easy setup but requires a PC) 118/110 problem
CaptiveWorks all models (except ultima) and also with dongle support (any usb to ethernet dongle will work) so works with or w/o PC (dongle), (HD models tested for HD) 118/110 problem
Neosat - ipro models only (easy setup, but there are known problems)
I-Link all models (9000+ is iffy and 9500HD is tested)
Satzen z300 and z500 (easiest to setup, no problems)
Limesat Ultra (easy to setup, may have small bugs)
CNX Nano2 virgin only w/o having the new bin loaded and it should be loaded with the factory firmware (NOT POSSIBLE currently)
Viewsat Ultra, Ultra lite, max hd, 9khd but need to use the wfemu and a linux OS PC (HD tested for all HD models, requires a PC, harder to setup; some freezing/disconnection problems)
Other models include Skybox HD (no epg), OpenboxHD (no epg), SolomendHD (no epg), IPBoxHD, CuberevoHD, Triple dragon (TD is untested for regular, others have been tested on regular, but yet to be tested on HD)
There may be others, but I'm listing the ones I know.
For HD channels, you will need a turbo 8psk installed.
Also, some HD models are 1080i, while the more expensive ones are 1080p (which is full HD).

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thx for kind words captain hooks..

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What are Az boxes?

What boxes support 1080p not just 1080i?

What HD channels are supported by NFPS?

Is there a channel list on available channles in NFPS?

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Thanks Sada.
is azbox is available anywhere in Canada or US?

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thankx sada

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u are welcome guys and subhash check this site

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