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I did not reply to this earlier, because I thought you would give me, knowing the futility of criticizing a site which has been active for over five years and still active.

So here are my research reports on each one of these URLs.

URL No 1.
Report: totalfta com
tirebuster (Madison Florida United States of America)
Ripoff Report | Scams, Frauds, Reviews And Consumer Complaints On Company: totalfta com
You searched for: totalfta com
Approximately 1 Reports Found
Showing 1 - 1 totalfta-net-orde-3aebb.htm

This site claims to be ripoffreport and there wa one report with no follow up comment.

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abadss is a reputable site. I felt I should investigate in detail.
When I investigated all the posts here were only one day old.

The complaint was from a FTA newbie with only three posts.
There were responses from several people. The seniour commented, but did not quote any reports .
If you want to look at my analysis, upload this.
Case-2.doc (41.5 k)

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13 July, 2010-11-10
Says he was scammed and lost money.

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08-07-2010, 01:34 PM

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18th October, 2010
I will be very close to Laval today !!

I would report this to Western Union and the Police.

Laval Police
2911 boul. Chomedey
C.P. 422, succ. Saint-Martin
Laval (Québec) H7V 3Z4
450 662-4242

One report. Advice by a senior member was to report it. In fact he says he has reported it to Laval police on or around October 18, 2010. No further results were posted.
Please note that the complaining member did not report

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A report in this forum.

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Says he saw a report like this in local paper.

One reprot by a newbie. An old established memebr says he saw a report like this in local paper (presumably in new brunswick).

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March 31, 2010, 17:22:04 »
Total FTA is at it again. Now they are claiming that there is an imminent stand-alone fix and that in order to have this fix, you must be a paid member. It cannot be stressed enough:


« Last Edit: Saturday, April 17, 2010, 20:51:54 by Dipper »
There is no complaint here of any fraud. A very senior member makes a statement, that there is no fix, and calls TOTALFTA scumbug site. Name calling without substanciating any wrongdoing of TOTALFTA is Mr. Dipper's crime (and your crime, Chevrolet), not a crime by TOTLAFTA

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Michael DeBoerSap TOTAL FTA IS A SCAM..................Beware...don't send WILL lose it. If you have been taken, contact the Montreal Police Fraud squad
30 September at 15:15 • Like • Comment
Three identical posts
George Perzul just another Scam
14 October at 10:23 • Like • Comment
Rafael J Gonzalez
Reported 4 times at same time same day
15 October at 11:12

Many posts there but no complaints

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Totalfta com is a criminal fraud organization
Totalfta stole my money 200$ plus fee, do not send them any money, they never ship you. These are criminal fraudsters in quebec, they think they can get away with this. Call your local police, spread the word through the internet, I lost my money, They are promising to issue a e-mail within 48 hours of payment. I have send so many e-mail to them. But no reply. I think this is a rip off from totalfta com. Looks like I lost $199. I suggest other members to watch this site I dont' want the same to happen to you.

Totalfta com is a criminal fraud organization that steals your money when you send it by western union that is your only option, may they rot in hell.

One post only against total - an accusation without further follow up. Many other posts about total regarding files etc.

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So Chevrolet. Get the hell out of this obsession against TotalFTA.
Ecoustics does not want a fight with them and they are big and have the clout to fight Ecoustics.


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Posted on Monday, December 31, 2007 - 12:17 am:



are the same original total site, but
http://www.totalfta*com leads to a false site probably owned by the highjackrs. That is what the staff at totalfta are trying to tell us.

I checked and there is a thread inside the site which confirms the highjacking. I have put astericks in place of . to allow this post to go through.
****---- ****---- ****---- ****----

Breaking News! (7 Viewing)
News concerning the Satellite Industry and other related topics

Domain hijacked *READ* by TotalFTA
1 Hour Ago
Go to last post
37 1,870
****---- ****---- ****---- ****----
TotalFTA TotalFTA is offline

Join Date: Dec 2005
: 424
Default Domain hijacked *READ*
totalfta*com was hijacked recently, the person who hijacked it attempted to get a large sum of money for it. Obviously we decided not to deal with this person and change our domain name. thetotalfta*com is the new domain name.

as of right now totalfta*com is NOT our site. our content is safe, the domain was not obviously.

TheTotalFTA Staff


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Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2009 - 07:28 am:

totalfta is still showing the sign-in, using Nagra 3 as a bait to the unwary.
I hope nobody here falls for it


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Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 08:02 pm:

totalfta site is now totally dedicated to private IKS. I have no way of telling if they are coming up with the goods as advertised


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A--m L-----n knows very well the situation.
Maybe nydas should TRY and contact him or tottall himself and report his findings back to us?

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Good work Chaff
we all know the BiTCHis Crazy a senile old fool
nothing but dog meat

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