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Hey wzup! How are you? Long time.... Hey so any news on our fta box, when they will be up and running? Is there something else I have to do to upgrade my box to have it working?



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Firoz Khan:
Currently there is no N3 solution and there does not seem any coming in the near future.
If you have Conaxsat, Viewsta Ultra, Nfusion, Dreambox or CaptiveWorks 700/800, you can get IKS.
IKS requires
1. continuous broadband connection.
2. A compatible receiver - see above list.
3. Some receivers require an additional item called "Dongle" - cost about $100
4. A subscription into IKS service which costs anything from $30 a month to $35 a year.

The IKS service is tempramental to say the list. Dpwntime is about 60% of the time, freezing also is about 60% of the time and total disruption is likely to occur 60% of the time. If, inspite of this caution you are prepared to get the equiment, then I suggest you get you get in touch with "sada" in this forum

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Hey nydas, don't overlook the fact that the Viewsat IKS adapter provides the service without any fee. Its up most of the time, too.

Does this info cut into your "action" with totalfta?

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Dear kind Sir! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being involved with pedophelia and it does not get in the way with my teabagging of mr playmouth.

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breezelow: I have no "Action" with Viewsat. I merely defended the site because there were exagerated claims by people of fraud from that site.
I am not sure what you are saying. Are you confirming that Viewsat IKS adaptor is active and functional? I would appreciate some more explanation.

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breezelow: I just saw your post in another thread that WF on Viewsat HD is working on Public IKS using special technique of resetting.
Thanks for the info.
I hope same applies to Viewsat Ultra.

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ok, will skip the explanation.

It just seems you defend that site far too much especially since it has been shut down for a number of days.

I am very satisfied with WF for VS MAXHD and VS ULTRA (I have both). It works but is NOT perfect unfortunately. The HDTV is a great addition to the limited OTA versions.

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Thanks for the explanation.
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