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Old News

This is a news update from one of the three board members that started this org. We would first offer thanks to the LORD for the help and recommendations of the FTA supporters that have contacted us.

After the board meeting today we have decided that we will support the MPEG-2 format for at least a year. Our first option was MPEG-4 due to the 20 channel capability. We will be going to MPEG-4 in the future ,This is more cost effective to us.

Latest Breaking News

First I want to give thanks to Satellite Guys for hosting these forums. I find people helping people understand the problems they face with a stranger's help, is nothing but American.

I greatly appreciate the people that have supported FreeDBS.org and hopefully you will give Manhattan-Digital the same level understanding of a new product that is being presented before you.

While there are some issues with our website, please be patient with us. Some folks have indicated that we are not running AC-3, ASC-3 or Dolby Digital (what ever you reference to the said audio). Please understand that MPEG-4 includes AC-3 within the format. It's just the software restrictions that one company places may not support it. We will support AC-3 in both digital and analog formats. We understand that analog is needed because of old TV sets and offer the composite output for such consumers. Just don't have the logo listed on our sample pieces. We did not offer RF output due to un-needed added costs.

The RS-1933 unit was built for a low cost solution with a CAM (conditional access module) reader. We will be supporting different conditional access systems, but wanted the versatility of a true FTA receiver. We can incorporate most CA systems with a card reader to meet anyone's demands. This is a very versatile platform, but we also wanted it to be a low-cost solution to the market with a $219 retail price that includes a CAM/PVR solution.

We are introducing the Plaza series MPEG-2 unit with dual Multi-Crypt card reader with our Manhattan partners at Eurosat London . We just finished the NTSC version of the product for a low cost solution to conditional access systems. Multi-Crypt can read just about any active CA card system on the market; providing a very low cost solution to the dealer/distributor network. Manhattan DVB-S receivers are one of the very few to have this in the world.

There are two more MPEG-4 products receivers that are in the design stages, with added features and benefits. Plus a new line of cable, switches, HDMI cables, off-air antennas and commercial switches. A line of satellite antennas and LNBFs are also in the works.
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