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I used to have a "Daucer Bracket" on my Dish Pro 500 quad LNB which bought from fleabay a few years ago. It enabled me to get
91, 101 and 129 on top of the 110 and 119 I received with the initial QUAD LNB (btw, it was supposed to have
gotten 101 but that never worked out...think it was because that is a DN sat, or something to that affect).........

Anyway, I am desperately seeking something similar to this bracket (I do not wish to remove or have to replace the existing QUAD LNB I am currently utilizing), and I was hoping SOMEONE out there
could help me find this bracket.......or something similar.

My current set up is a Dish Pro 500 with a QUAD LNB pointed at
110 and 119, plus a 3rd LNB pointed at 91.

My movers "lost" my moving truck on the way from Michigan
to Florida, and of course that is where that Daucer bracket was......you know, along with everything else I'd ever owned up to that
point. (Any of you guys seen a truck full of my entire life just layin'
around by any chance)?

Hey, how about someone making one?


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Does you have good Puzzy?

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MissMySun are you looking for something like this?
Check this Link out they may have what you need.



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