Need help in setting up CNX Nano 2 with IKS Private server


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I am following the instructions from IKS Private Server's guide for CNX:
It says:
"To connect to the Server:
Go to Menu -> Options -> Network go into
Net Application,........................."

But I don't have such an option in My Menu, does anyone know where to enter the donation key?


My Menu options are the following:
1. Channel Manager
2. Installations -
Channel Search
DiSEqc Switch
Motor Setup
- IP Setup
- Home stream Setup
3. Options -
OSD Setup
Control Panel
Time adjust
Parental lock
4. Utility -
System Info
Time Record
Factory Default
5. Accessory -

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Please note that the box is a new one as required by IKS PS.

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U need to convert ur reciever .. U should had checked first before buying but instructions are available at for how to convert

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Hi Sada,

I converted the CNX nano 2 to NFPS by loading the BIN. But still there is no area to enter the server details (, the port number and username/password.

Any ideas?


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You can buy Nfusion and you be golden

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nash is nfusion got better with freezing??? or is it still freeze let me know..
sattelite hora wish u had checked with me first before buying ur nano2..
any ways what i am guessing it it converts to ilink then these are menu setup for ilink can u see if u able to see the same thing..
i-Link 8000

Here we will show you how to use our private server step by step with your i-link!

1 - Menu -- Options-network, enter net application , in this section change EPCs to Dream. In the menu where it says Server put the following address:

2 - In Port put the Port we sent you. In Authorization put your Access code.

3 -- Then in Username and Password put your Access code again.

4 - And the Key is : 6103403445406970987123412134.

5 - Exit and wait until Picture comes or Try a Hard Reboot.

6 -- WATCH TV!!

Note: We are now supporting i-link 9000!! (Private Bin File)
- Found in the i-Link General Downloads section.

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I can't get to that Options -> network -> net application. There are no such options in my menu.

I think this is because when I load the i-link conversion bin it always throws an error "Err5" at the end of completion. Most people who have tried converting a cnx nano 2 to ilink has got this error.

One question: If I were to keep this receiver for public server and buy a separate receiver for nfps, what would you reccomend?

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