No signal after conversion to nfps


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Hi guys.
Need help please
I did the nfps conversion
with channel list 119+118+110
and downloaded the t54 file too
Now I do not have signal on ch3 to fix the scrolling picture to enter
the code
could it be a diseqe switch port?
My setting before conversion:
119 +118 port 1 lnb fq 10750
110 port 2 standard cerculer lnb fq 11250
with 33 dish
I had a very good s & q before} conversion and was waching few days ago on public server before it went down
The box is
nfusion phoenix

Thank you

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post ur setting for 118.8 dish..
go to menu installation.and what u see under dish setting post it here.
how many dishes u got etc..

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Thank you for the reply saqeep
But I can not go in to the menu before fixing the scrolling issue,
which can't be fixed before getting a picture and sound on ch 3
Some thing is missing
I did convert back, and the signal and quality is ok on all 3 sats,
but they are down as you know.

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read this may be this will solve ur problem... ctions.html

Here are the reasons for all these things happening.

I have newly made and posted the easiest and simplest instructions for Setting up the NFusion receivers. And Here is the Post:NFusion Private Server New Guide & Instructions

I will ask each and everyone of you who want to convert your NFusion whether it be the NOVA, the SOLARIS or the PHOENIX to please download THIS Guide and follow word for word without exception and I will guarantee you that you will be up and running on your very first try.

Some important things to remember.

Load the boot_r3x_to_g3x_v1.33 Twice but wait till it fully loads.

The next important item is the loading of the Channel list.
This involves your knowledge on the connections made to the DiSEqC switch from119 and 110.
Now the decision as to which Channel list should be loaded.
Then Open Cheditor_v16c and Load the channel list of your choice TWICE.
The first time when you load it will say "hold", then "good" and then 0000.
But when you load the second time, it will say "hold", "good", 0000 and wait then 0001.
Now is when you are done.

These are the most important things that you have to achieve to reach the final objective.

At the moment the New June Channel List is the one to use. The July channel list that was on the NFPS downloads was corrupt and it has been removed and my June list is now on their server. This list permits you to watch the PPV movies as well.

For your information the Free channels are 0003 and 594 since the June Lists.

Always, before you go to NEWCAMD set your receiver on 594 or 0003 and then do your codes etc and then when you reboot, all you need to do is Press the SIZE button.

If you load the June Channel list, then you will need to also change the Server Address in Server Settings - the ist. Item to

Hope you will all follow this advise and thus eliminate the number of posts that the mods have to answer everyday.

Thank one and all.

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Sir, it moght be your PAL/NTSC setting.

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Thank you guys, problem solved.

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I finaly got my coversion to work. I am posting this in case others have similar problem.

My problem was that channels 3 and 594 never came on, despite they are not scrambled. My lucky break came with the free trial. I left the receiver on "on a channel, I knew it works" after I went as far as I could with the conversion. After long time that channel came on as the server connected. Only at that point my black n white signal turned to color. Then, It changed back to black n white as soon as I changed the channel. But it turned color again after I pressed the size botton.

One more thing, when I used Green, Blue Red cable to connect to your TV, it did not work. Coax cable did work.

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One more thing about the NFPS service.

In my case, not only it was freezing so often, the server droped the channels and they never came back unless I switched to a diffrent channel and back.

I am hopeful that the reason is the large volume of people testing their receiver. I imagin, if we all buy the service, this problem will be constantly present unless the server capacity is improved.

The picture quality was good when it worked. Despite the imperfection, I am willing to buy it, if the freezing is not that much.
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