Nfps trial - CW 700 and 800


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Free Trial effective immediately till Sunday, 10th. October, 2010

Server Address:
Username and Password:
Port: 10010.
Usable on all receivers supported by NFPS.
----------...-----------...-----------...-----------...-----------...----------- ...-----------
step by step for cw700 and 800 nfps


You need to download from the file or .rar and then extract the files. You need only be concerned with two files the rq-sssp-client.exe and the rq-sssp-client.conf Only the rq-sssp-client.conf file will require any editing.


To check your com port go to control panel > system > device manager > click the plus sign on PORTS and you will see COM(port#) this port # is the number that must be in the rq-sssp-client.conf file. Next right click on the COM (port#) and click on properties click on the tab port settings and they should read 15200 8 none 1 none if they are different then use the drop down menu to change them.

EDIT YOUR rq-sssp-client.conf file

Open the file in NOTEPAD - In notepad when you click on open and get the open dialogue box in file type drop down menu select ALL FILES otherwise you will not see this .conf file as notepad defaults to .txt files.

Once open in notepad, go to the line that says serial_port=COM1 and if your COM PORT is not 1 then change the number to match the port number shown in device manager.

Edit the newcamd line

The last line of the rq-sssp-client.conf file a sample of which is below will require editing. You need to replace whatever is after the // with your nfps access code and then once again replace whatever is after the : with your access code After your 2nd access code be sure it reads and then after the : the port needs to be 10010

Your file should look just like this example except you need to use the access code you received from nfps to replace ACCESSCODE####. Do not remove the : between the two access codes or between net and the port number 10010. There are no spaces between any of the fields in this file.


card_server_url_1=newcamd:// 0/6103403445406970987123412134

Once you have edited this file you need to save it as a .conf file.

In NOTEPAD go to File > Save AS

File name should be: rq-sssp-client.conf

Save as type should be: All Files

Encoding should be: ANSI

Click on SAVE


Create a NEW FOLDER on your C drive or any partition you wish. I named the new folder CW but you can call it anything you wish. Either save the file you edited in NOTEPAD into this NEW FOLDER or copy the edited file from where you saved it and place it in this NEW FOLDER. Next copy the file rq-sssp-client.exe into the same NEW FOLDER. NOTE: BOTH OF THESE FILES MUST BE IN THE SAME FOLDER ON YOUR PC TO WORK


Each time you shut down your PC you will have to restart the file rq-sssp-client.exe - To simplify this task go to the NEW FOLDER where the file rq-sssp-client.exe is and right click on the file and select create a shortcut. After the shortcut shows up in the folder drag and drop it onto your quick launch bar. Now you can easily start the protocol with a single click of your mouse.

Attach the cable from your dish (diseqc switch) to your CW700 and scan in both 110 and 119 and saved the channels

Next connect your CW700 to your tv and then to your computer's RS232 serial (com) port via a null modem serial cable.

Turned on your TV and your CW700 and set it to a channel which is an active nfps channel (300).

Last step is to click once on the shortcut (icon) in the launch bar for rq-sssp-client.exe and you will get a black window with a blinking cursor on your screen. Within 1 1/2 to 2 minutes your TV should come alive with channel (300).

Just to add, a lot of windows pc have the "Hide extensions" checked in folder options. If this is checked, the rq-sssp-client.conf.bak file will appear as rq-sssp-client.conf and the incorrect file would be edited. If one does not see the .conf.bak file then it is important to first go to Folder Options and then uncheck the "hide extensions" under the view tab and then edit the rq-sssp-client.conf file.

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Sada !
A great helper
Also hurry up guys , this trial is ending Oct 10, 2010

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Is it still working, I tried with cw800 it says control word is not received or so time out ???

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Sada it work fine viewsat ultra has no problem like cw800 in 110w to change the CaId every time. I am testing last two days.

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I am reporting the free trial of NFPS that ends to day has been succesful on CaptiveWorks 800s.
However, the Indian channels are absent.
There are a number of "Adult" channels.
There is very little freezing.

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Subject: Nfps trial - CW 700 and 800
nydasPlatinum Member
I am reporting the free trial of NFPS that ends to day has been succesful on CaptiveWorks 800s

On your post above you said it would end on Sunday, 10th. October, 2010

today is Sunday the 17th}

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Posted on Wednesday, October 06, 2010 - 05:11 pm:
Free Trial effective immediately till Sunday, 10th. October, 2010

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When it was originally announced it was for three days and was going to end on 10th october. They extended it for one week.
It is still my fault that I did not announce it in this thread.

Sada announced this in another thread of the forum

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Anybody who wishes they were smart enough to make $16 is more than an idiot

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We need to have a simple question answer without interuptions for combat zone.

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Sir, don't mean to interrupt, but you out of line, Sir

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Question from yugene Albert Bronze Member
Username: Mati

my captiveWorks Cw-700S
Usb do not work, PLEASE ADVICE


Answer: Is the USB connection not working or is it the USB drive? Does the USB drive show files on your compute?
What are you trying to do with the USB drive?

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The USB connection not Working?
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