Cnx nano 2 dial up


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i have a question will a cnx nano 2 work with net zero dial up internet or do i need toget faster service ? thank u in advance

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how do i hook up eithernet if dail up does not have a modem

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Young man, zero is bad. Their internet, I mean all dail ups are so slow, can't run IKS. IKS are already very prone to freezing. Dail up will make it worse. Forget it.

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so basiclly ur saying it will not work but is it possible and if so how would u connect ur eithernet cable i know one end goes to receiver where does the other end go to pc

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Dial-up modem might work, but you will have a big headache and frustrating freezes.
If you can get boradband get at least 1 mbps. Most people use a router to connect to the modem. From the router ypu have outlets 9usually 4) to computer and other devices. Use one of the outlets to connect to your hub. If the distance from the router to the hub is excessive or you have difficulty in running a cable, then you should use the wireless transmission f your router (most routers have that) and at the receiver end use a wireless receiving device.
You can also use powerline adaptors to convert your home electrical wiring into a newtwork - you will need two hubs.

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nano2 works fine with dial-up You have to set-up ICS on your computer and you might need a crossover cat 5 cable
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