Satscams -- Now a Scam on the True FTA Community


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Satscams -- Now a Scam on the True FTA Community

Many that have been around the more seedy side of the internet and satellite have heard or seen Satscams. In the end it turned out to be a bunch of old ladies with nothing better to do than trash talk each other and do a fingerpointing circle jerk of "Who's The Rat?" It was pretty much an open secret that the place and the owner of that site was in league with the people from Dish/Echostar. One day the site disappered, now it is back with a whole new look, apparently from NagraStar.

Satscams now provides an anti-piracy theme and some limited news about illegal piracy busts and NagraStar's efforts against the public card sharing systems here in North America, otherwise known as IKS. The site actually appears to be poorly modeled on an old DirecTV SI operation and site. After taking over and running a great many of the old DirecTV "Pirate Sites" they took one of them, HackHu, and made it into their anti-piracy site. Although DirecTV does not have the card piracy problem that Echostar has continued to have the site is still maintained, largely for DirecTV employees and contractors to report illegal mirroring and commercial signal theft/fraud.

The Satscams/NagraStar effort is a bit different as they are still working to resolve their piracy issues with the IKS system. Much of the information tidbits on Satscams have already been provided here and to some involved/supporting/backing IKS piracy. Of course not many wanted to listen, what do we know? Wink In any case hopefully Nagra's Satscams will open some eyes, but quite a bit too late.

FridgeFTA certainly supports the efforts of Dish Network, Bell TV, NagraStar and DirecTV in their war on satellite piracy. However we take exception with the Satscams/Nagra site. Not only does it mischaracterize FTA, it provides outright false information that paints our boxes and our efforts at FridgeFTA and at other real satellite sites with the same brush as the pirates.

Examples from the Satscams site are in red with our comments in black:

What is "FTA" or "Free to Air" receivers?

* a free to air receiver is a slang name for a set top box that is used to receive a small number of free over the air broadcasts from various NON-premium radio and television providers, such as PBS, foreign language and religious broadcasts.

The name "free to air" implies its used to obtain free broadcasts although these are used in various places outside of North America as a premium paid satellite receiver. There is no premium based Television Broadcasts in North America used with a free to air set top box.

This is not true by a long shot. I don't know how Nagra could even present this argument unless they are completely unaware of what actually goes down on satellites, including their own.

Here is a list of premium events and programming from our WildFeeds section. I did not have to look at the section, these just came to mind in less than 2 minutes. If we made a full list it would be the size of a large book.

None of these events are encrypted and can be received on FTA boxes, legally and free. The ones noted with a * are events/packages that Dish Network SELLS on their satellites, I.E. PREMIUM.


This does not include the feeds we get of other events that are included in Dish Network's core paid packages such as WWE & TNA Wrestling events that air on USA, SPIKE and others. Dish Network apparently forgets that these feeds are where they get the programming that they resell at a PREMIUM.

None of the providers like to hear much about Galaxy19/97W/Globecast. On this satellite are the foreign/internationals that Dish/Echostar has previously characterized as "limited." What they don't like to mention is that they resell 90% of this Free To Air material at a PREMIUM in their International Packages. So again we are receiving PREMIUM satellite broadcasts that Satscams/NagraStar claims do not exist and that we cannot get with our FTA boxes.

In fact you can get more college basketball and football with a True FTA system than any of the providers offer for sale in their packages.

Back to quoting Satscams/Nagrastar.

Is it illegal to own and use a "Free to Air" receiver?
• Yes, if it is being used to receive premium broadcasts or has a dish attached to it that is pointed to any premium providers' satellites, such as Dish Network and Bell TV (formerly Expressvu) satellite providers or it is one of several "FTA" receivers imported for piracy purposes.
No if it is one of the many standard set top box receivers that can ONLY be used for NON-premium free to air broadcasts.


It is NOT illegal to have a dish hooked to your FTA system and aimed at Dish Network, Echostar or Bell TV satellites. Dish Network provides NASA, ION & ANGEL1 on Echostar7/119W unencrypted/True Free To Air. It is ILLEGAL to encrypt NASA to begin with. Anyone with a FTA receiver can legally point their dish to 119W and receive these channels. My dish is pointed at the Bell TV Nimiq 1 & 3 satellites at 91W on a regular basis. This is not by intent, but because Galaxy 17 shares the same orbital slot. I have not seen any unencrypted programming on the Bell satellites there. In fact with my universal LNB the Bell satellites "get in the way" and slow down my blindscans for True FTA material as my receivers keep locking their transponders between 12200 -- 12750 which stops the scan while the receiver looks to see if any unencrypted programming is there. Bottom line is that its not illegal to be aimed at that or any other satellite if you are doing nothing illegal.

We've already shown above that there is plenty of LEGAL PREMIUM material up on many satellites, for Satscams/NagraStar to deny/ignore it is, well, just plain stupid.

FridgeFTA has posted anti-IKS, anti-piracy material and legal documents/warning here on a regular basis, much to the dismay of certain pirate sites. We will continue to do so. We have openly stated that a NFusion or other device with built in "IKS" is by itself an illegal pirate device, even without 3rd party software. Much to the dismay of certain satellite providers and even certain legitimate satellite sites we advocate and support the use of the "pirate" boxes such as Viewsat, Sonicview & Coolsat with True FTA programming. They are cheap and easy to get ahold of and with factory software they are legal and do just fine to receive the large variety of LEGAL TRUE FTA programming available.

FridgeFTA will not endorse, support or otherwise cooperate with or back anyone, including Satscams, Dish Network or NagraStar if they want to paint all FTA with one brush and if they continue to publish false, misleading and untrue information about satellite and True FTA. Again this is not to say that we at all support piracy, we just do not support anyone that lumps the legitimate satellite community in with pirates.

We encourage NagraStar and Satscams to review and revise their statements to accurately reflect the facts and the truth about FTA. We also invite Dish Network, Echostar or NagraStar to post comment here or email comment if they would like it posted.

As I am a co-host on the FTA Show I would also invite any representative of the above companies to discuss Satscams and their statements on the air with us.

I can be contacted personally at for either confidential or public comment.

Other TRUE FTA Sites are welcome to copy and post this article to their forum freely without credit necessary.


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Plymouth: That was very good info. However, the FTA community is too weak to fight the rumours and misrepresentation of FTA in the Internet media.

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Satscams was originally an ANTI Dishnet and ANTI DTV site, encouraging FREE satellite TV for all...and posting all the DN and DTV owned and busted sites, to warn ppl...and every respected admin and mod were members, contributing to spreading the word of known bad scam and mole sites and rats, like Nalin and Plymouth are here ..

I just love these wrongfull bullshi*t posts that ppl copy, who KNOW absolutely nothing and weren't even around in Satscams first days and years...

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It seem that Dn spread many false rumors on all FTA sites, there is their new way of fighting!


We can see how you are idiot again with your kidding comment!

Poor low IQ stupid old men!

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I see ya deleted the American bashing posts in this thread by both Plymouth and nalin...typivcal biased Ecoustics tactic...and always involves them 2...

geez a person of any intelligence must conclude they are working for ecoustics then...

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Stop your charge against me, Nalin and eCoustics then your posts will not be deleted!

Simple and easy!

It's a chance that you keep your account active with all your comments!

Enjoy it!

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I respect greatly what you mentioned Plymouth...I see you are speaking the truth...I wish only the community could get together and be strong that way and no like people like LK...who only knows how things are wrong but never knows or suggest a SOLUTION...keep it up Plymouth I been around and see the things the providers are capable and yes they look for confusing the people...I hope the community can understand your point Plymouth and stay together...
Here is a question:
Could that be possible to know what real FTA channels are available on the known sats like 119/110/ we can focus on those...

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Fukkk you Plymutt..I been here many years before U, and yer haji GF nalin..and helped many thousands before U ever even heard of don't ever fukkn threaten me, ya piece of shi*t....

BTW I forgot more you about the satellite community and whats happenning, than U will ever know, ya french frog immigrant mole! go run to the admin and whine ya fukkn wussy and take yer haji friend nalin with ya too..thats what U 2 do best!

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Thanks for your support!

I just put a brake on testing Bev and Dn because no one can tell how many time a receiver can work, I wait to see what will happened!

It's very difficult to found a reliablechannel list with all ECM!

So I can live easily without them with movie, true free to air, stream and my 2 OTA antennas!

LK and her idiots

No comments!

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percycles, plymouth only c/p the info, its not her opinion
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