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Username: Bvvenegas

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is it me or is the cnx nano 2 frezzing up more often

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Username: Bvvenegas

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my cnx nano2 is freezing up very ofton and goes black for a while is any one else having the same problem is there a way to fix it

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its out everything is black the guid and info work but no channel works even the onppv and order are black whats up with that

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Server overload apparently is the reason for it being unstable, the issue should be resolved this week they are saying.

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Hunter...Where did you get this info from?

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CNX Update- March 10th
We all know how the CNX Nano2 has been performing recently. Not as great as we`d like, for some. We also know why and that is because of server load, aka capacity.
I have gotten some reliable info that there are changes in the works. The server capacity is gonna be increased. This should happen sometime next week.
Some of yous know I am not one for announcements but this one comes from the top or at least from a very reliable source. It is not a C/P or otherwise. I would not post it if it was.

I am also told that the b3v line-up will fill up and of course with a server that can handle the load, it will also be stable., as well as the DN will be stable too.
We just need a bit more patience.
CNX team does listen, and of course they know the issues well before we do.
So, look for changes starting next week sometime.
Thnx for all your support

I woke up this morning thinking that I had forgotten something and in fact I had.
I was also told that the illusive CNX Carbon is back in the works as well.
For those that do not know, the Carbon is CNX's HD model and was on the drawing board quite some time ago. Once this server deal gets staightened away then look for the Carbon to be realeased very soon afterwards. We knew that CNX would get this Carbon out to the public eventually one day and it looks like that day is soon to arrive

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Not sure why but today it is stuck with Off Service. Anyone has it with service On?

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Mine works fine but;

It appears to me that if you just leave the receiver on one strong channel, it will connect after a while. If you get reception, avoid going to the menu for the time being. Otherwise, it tries to connect agin with the server and that takes a while.

Good luck

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i think there is alot of channels that are off right now can anyone confirm this and if so how come
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