Guidance reuired regarding security with Dongle


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I was told that legal system can track you with the IP address used to update the files on IKS system, which includes CNX Dongle....any comments from experts?

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No security with IKS

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Look into VPN. You might get it for as low as $10/month

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There are tons of pages written about whether IKS
is secure or not. (go to major sites or try Google).
Some clueless people think that using proxys
can make it safe. Yeah right.
Some "experts" even say that servers are so secure
that if Dish & Bev could go after the end user,
they would already have done so.

Now, let's suppose that in fact, your connection
to those "off-shore" servers was secure.....
Don't you think that when the IKS Providers
start receiving those multi-million dollar lawsuits,
they will protect all their REGISTERED CLIENTS?
Or will they do whatever necessary
to save their skin?
Here's where the real INSECURITY lies....

In the end, its all just a matter of how much
of a chance you want to take.....

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Good info Cheap trick thanks

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There are problems using IP addresses to bust people. If you live in an apartment building and have an unsecured router several of the other apartment dwellers can use your router for their free tv. The same is true in populated neighborhoods. The last I knew it is not illegal to have a router secured, at least not in the U.S.A.

Then there is the problem of getting the Internet providers to hand over the IP addresses of their customers.

And the list goes on and on and on.

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This should read:

The last I knew it is not illegal to have a router unsecured, at least not in the U.S.A.
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