Nfusion Busted.


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C/P From a trusted Mod at another site :

Hey guys and gals i dont usually post s hit like this but i feel you all need to see this and decide for yourself whats going on its looking more and more like this is true but im not 100% thats why im posting it in rumor section please dont turn this into a bashing thread or get all nuts and get banned here goes

Warning jan-06-2010


It has been reported and confirmed that on December 4th 2009 Nfusion was not only busted but they have a hearing comming up this January.
All the Nfusion equipment was seized and SuperStar is actually a paid...(heavily paid) Dish Net informer.
This will shed some light on those that are wondering what is taking so long for the receivers to come back online and why the Nfusion silence!
I know this thread will be closed and bashed but mark my words, this is 100% the truth.
Dummychat consistantly bans members that put down Nfusion or try telling the truth and that is because the MAN (DN) is control of this site as we speak.

Your TV viewing is not worth your SECURITY and you can take this warning to the bank!

All MODS were given a warning from Nagra and DN 2 afternoons ago and the s mart ones packed it in and resigned as Mods.
How do I know this?? I was one of the mods here that packed it in!!!
WARNING this is NOT a joke and please be careful and Thank you SUPERSTAR, you a rat fink piece of garbage, My wife and kids thank you as well.

I'm out and I'm done!

Believe or not your choice.

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Superstar>Jjgee: possible!

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doupt it. sounds like bs to me. exp since all the mods are back now

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same fear mongering, same poster repeating same crap

poor excuse for a human being antagonist, gets a rise out of it, sicko

provider would not post here any more than Korean crooks trying to sell new boxes to suckers, so it is a lunatic

these charges have nothing to do with anything

severs are all over, it is at best only a cost and ECM matter as cards that get blacklisted the second there is a fix I figure, short of planned obsolescence like I said ...this psycho is full of crap ... ignore it... you can just image what he is like in real life the poor devil
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