Diseq switch connection


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One point to clear up with DISEQ switch. Any sat 110, 119, 97, or any other sat can be connected to any port on a Diseq switch as long as it corresponds with the same PORT number in the receiver settings. I notice people always make reference to 119/110 in relation to port 1 and 2 respectively.

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lroy tipit: You are right. However, there are certain issues with certain Dish equipment that always allots Port 1 to 119 and Port 2 to 110. Since we in the FTA and the generic world are often being advised by ex-DN people, we by convention use these port numberings.
I absolutely agree that you can attach any LNB to any port of DisEqC switch if that LNB allows use of DisEqC switch

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irony my experience with diseqc switch,
i fixed my bev dishes few days ago, and i changed the switch and i accidently put my 118.8 and 119 dish cable in port 3 of diseqc switch,
after checking with my rec, i got signals on 118.8 and i had good signals but it showed me no signal when i tuned in to any channel,
by spending some time and i figured out that 118.8 and 119 should be in port 1 or 2,
i tested again port 1 and 2 worked fine when i put the diseqc switch in 1 and 2..
for port 3 and 4........it didn't work properly

one more interesting fact that i didn't knew before
for bev original rec , diseqc switch won't work.....
they require sw21 switch..
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