Nfusion update Dec 28 2009


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Username: Sam_patel

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Registered: Jun-06

Just to update that nfusion is not out of the game and will never be, just will have to take there time to make sure things are done right.

many rumors about me also so to let you all know that I am still where I am a long way from you.

there are many eyes looking for nfusion and I already did a statement to let you know nfusion is fine.

if you trust me then take this update as a promise that nfusion will not let you down

no new box, no box will get unsupported.

solaris, phoenix and HD units will be here and supported for a long time more.

nfusion team is not working on any other boxes.

hope to see you all happy soon in the near future.

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Username: Asplover

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Registered: Jun-06
So far all boxes are down and down.
I hope we will get a fix soon , because one fix will open doors for everybody.

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Username: Kbox

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Registered: Jul-09
cnx is up and down

New member
Username: Fuglyb1tch_

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Registered: Dec-09
hmmm kind of reminds me when viewsat spent a coupl eof months telling everyone how close they were to getting an n3 fix...

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Username: Nobodys_sister

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Registered: Dec-09
the irony of someone with 2 posts saying that....

New member
Username: Fuglyb1tch_

Post Number: 3
Registered: Dec-09
the irony of someone with 19 posts saying that....

Bronze Member
Username: Jjjohnson

Anchorage, Alaska USA

Post Number: 11
Registered: Dec-09
What is a Newbie?
Would that be a new member or an old member with a new nick?
When a Newbie corrects Nalin or Plymouth's posts
Why do they call him an idiot?
Are they saying that any person that registers here is an idiot?
Why do they call him or her LK or LK's gang?
Can all these people be LK?

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Username: Crazycool

Post Number: 97
Registered: Jan-08
Sonicviewihub is up and well!

Platinum Member
Username: Plymouth


Post Number: 12162
Registered: Jan-08

Between us! You are one of these idiot only here to bash us!

Thoses newbies still same useless troublemakers with new nicks or copied nicks.

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Username: Snagovac

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Registered: Nov-06
does anyone know if any channels work on nfusion solaris in a long time i had no channels

Platinum Member
Username: Plymouth


Post Number: 12204
Registered: Jan-08

Nothing work on Nfusion, still wait!


New member
Username: Moses_snake

Post Number: 1
Registered: Dec-06
is there a link to watch aus/pak tonite?
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