Will Kbox return this week ????


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c/p from another site

K-Box to return this week?
K-Box has been mostly down since the December 11th, 2009 but did in fact come up for UFC 107 and WWE:TLC more than one week ago. From several sources we have heard that K-Box is carefully analyzing the situation involving the shut down of subs that occurred twice so far in Decemeber for some solutions and are struggling with the question of restoring North American IKS. Sources indicate that K-Box has everything in place to come back online, however they are debating the date and time of their return. Suggestions have been made that the K-Box solution will return before or on Christmas day. Agian, the proof will be in the pudding.

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Heard a lot like that here and on other sites too. But as you said too

to me until it comes back, XMas date or any other date are just rumours.

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all of these are B.S. speculations, but the entire situation is very smelly.

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shame on k box ,everybody else is working except kbox.

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Time will tell, no one knows what is going on ...interesting other boxes are up though

KBox said a fix "soon" but none have surfaced over the last 2 or 3 weeks, especially during this critical peak season which makes the situation look even more dire... actions speak louder than words claiming a fix "soon" with none surfacing and no word from the KBox team.

The wait is too long... it may be over... but no one knows for sure but it looks worse as every day passes.

Again we wait and wait.

With free HDTV over the air now, we can at least they get around 20 local channels. This replaced the analogue antenna through digital transmission and that will never go down.

Too bad there isn't some real information surfacing than rumor which also makes the situation look bad...pessimistic ..I guess we have no choice than to just wait and see...

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The least they could do is inform customers of the current situation instead of just locking themselves in seclusion and leaving everybody in the f*cking dark. What kind of customer service is that?

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Hate to say it... but after years & years of riding the waves...

I think it might be time time to give up... I have to admit It's been a hell of a ride... from the Pansat 2600 to the Dreamboxes... to the Viewsats... to the KBox...

I'm sure a stand-alone fix will come... (eventually)...

But even being the eternal optimist, it's looking rather bleak
at the moment... I even started calling around for Sub Prices
today... Scary huh?
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