Can't connect external hard drive to kbox...invalid usb message!!


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hi guys...I was trying to connect a brand new WD 1 TB usa2.0 firewire eSata My book home edition to my kbox pro. Everytime I connect, I keep on getting invalid usb message on my screen. What am I doing wrong..I connected the hard drive to my pc and it works. But first it ask me to set up. Is that might be the reason as there is no way to set it up on kbox or is there. Please advice..thanks...

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Kbox only works with< 500gb HD and better with 250 gb.

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Make and 200GB partition and try with NTFS
Make a 64GB partition and try it with FAT32

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first off finish the set up on your WD
I have 500gbWD passport and you must register it etc...b4 you can use it properly.

BTW.... not sure if the WD 1 TB drive is NTFS but I do know my WD passport is in FAT32 format. I wouldn't go messing around with it and change things if I were you. No offense Nalin to your help. I had a USB 500gb storage drive and using Plymouths advice and software, I changed it to Fat32 for my PS3 . Well it was very unstable after that. So I wouldn't change anything if I were you Shawn

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1. Large drives (1TB or 1.5TB) should be partitioned for comfort if for nothing else. Remember that you can have drive letters from D to Z. I usually reserve last 4-8 letters for DVDs and memories. The rest - D to R, I use for the new partitions.
2. NTFS partitions can be large size, but FAT32 partitions greater than 32GB are a bit of problem under OS's Win XP and before.
3. By having more partitions, you can save data from one drive to another and reformat easily and comfortably.
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