Shouldn't be much longer now...


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Username: Shenanigans

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Registered: Sep-06
I'm assuming Oleg is just about ready to release the new files!

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Username: Shenanigans

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Registered: Sep-06
C'mon Oleg! Everyone is waiting for you to release your bin. This isn't funny anymore.... What's the holdup??

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Username: Shenanigans

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Registered: Sep-06
If you can't have faith in Oleg, who can you have faith in?

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How about Nalin Nyda the Sheriff of ecoustics.
After all he does have over 16.000 posts here.

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There are a lot of rumours about N3 crack on VS, all saying that it is expected on 17th September.
That is ONLY 364 days left.

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Good Answer Nalin!

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Captain Oleg....

Your faithful followers are beginning to become skeptical of your ability to produce a satisfactory, working N3 bin. September 17th is long gone and everyone is still waiting for your meticulous coding skills to ease the pain of so many dedicated followers.

In other words...

Don't make a fool of yourself in public once again Captain Oleg. Quit waiting for an ok from your higher ups and release the bin to the public now!!

Your credibility is at stake here!!

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The fools are the one's that listen to Oleg. If you have been here for awhile you will know that Oleg is a nutcase.

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Username: Shenanigans

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Oleg prefers to be tagged as eccentric.

Remember when he used to post links to every crap fta site out there in every thread? He used to average around 20 posts an hour. Now he just c/p posts from them....

He did that when he wasn't writing code, of course.

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Username: Whelland

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Fool me once, shame on you...
Fool me twice... Shame on ME!

I'll believe a fix is possible when I have it in my hands...

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Username: Riconissan

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Registered: Feb-09

That's Doctor Oleg to you.
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