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Not able to log in to Ftahq. Is is just me or there is something wrong????

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Same here

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ViewSat fix must be out.

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C& P lunavic50 it is older post ....

We have stumbled across a most tremendous find in the fta community.

ftahq.com also associated with thetotalfta.com has been lieing to thier members about a major security issue. first off they are useing a datbase that is completely unsecure and in the hands of many. Hackers aquired the database a few weeks ago and God knows whos hands it lies in now.

But the biggest security issue is this.
They are claiming to there members that they are hosted offshore. Now mind you they are a FTA 3rd party files site who is supposedly backed by VS third party software writers. Also note that the manufacturer VS has now been sued by The providers.

Heres the kicker and the proof


ftahq.com ( -
Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry
Rambla Republica de Mexico 6125



forums.ftahq.com ( -
ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.
1333 North Stemmons Freeway
Suite 110
Dallas, TX


ok so this is the first time in dss history a site has done this. i have asked myself the question as to why would a site list only thier front page on an offshore server????

Well the answer I came up with is that they want whoever runs a who is on the site will see that they are offshore.

Well then once you enter the sita and you who is the url for the forums it comes up with being listed in the states.

Now everyone knows that a third party files site listed in the United States is just asking for Nagra to walk right in.


Could this be a trap.....Absolutely. It would have been so easy for them to host the complete site offshore. Hell the front page is.

Bad , bad stuff

I also have proof that Naf=grastar has been in the market to buy an FTA / forum 3rd party files site.

They offered 100k for hash hu at one time.

Folks these are the facts you can look all this info up easily.



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I see they updated the front page with the new telefonica files. Maybe there's a problem with the forum? Time will tell.

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I think they keep on updating the Telefonica files to keep us all interested in going to the site. At present I do not smell a rat at either ftahq or at totalfta or even at future-fta site.

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So what does it matter if you use a free email address such as snotmail. I have never and will never use a traceable email address on any forum. Big whoop. they can have my info. Just start another account under something else.

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if you need the Telephonica files ..

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