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Experiencing lag on alot of channels and some channels like comedy central not coming at all, just keep getting "No Service or Scrambled" message.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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The ihub is going through a major server upgrade. Till then lots of channels won't be available, and remaining will be having regular freezing. hope the things will back to normal in the next few days.

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sonicview i-hub are under investigation by dishnet

private investigator on the case

sv will be shot down soon as for freetech

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They are not under investigation, they are just stupid like they others, they take 3 weeks for NFusion team for install SUNS server, it will take the same for SV. ;-)

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R.N.B, r
consiiSting, i « c . S J = . ^ lelee-uorrtts & software]
A preliminary1 analysis of Sonicview FTA receivers & related
DISH Network L.L.C. et al. v. Sonicview Inc., et al.
Case number 09-CV-1553
Prepared by: Nigel Jones
R.M.B. Consulting Inc.
6107 Twain Dr., New Market, MD 21774-6262
+1 301 551 5138
August 7, 2009
Plaintiffs have informed me that they intend to seek a protective order from the court. If
successful they intend to designate this entire report as 'Confidential'.

2.1. A-l 8PSK Add-on Board

Firstly I have shown that the A-l board has no other purpose other than to demodulate
satellite based 8PSK transmissions coupled with Turbo Forward Error Correction, and
that this combination is unique to DISH Network / Bell TV, and as such that the board
can only be used for DISH Network / Bell TV piracy.
Secondly I have demonstrated that the A-l board shares a significant number of unique
components and other uniquely identifying characteristics with the SV-HD8000. As a

Analysis of Sonicview FTA receivers & related devices August 7, 2009
result I have concluded that the A-l board and the SV-HD8000 were designed and are
manufactured by the same entities, and that as such it is a Sonicview product.
Finally I have shown that the SV-HD8000 contains extensive hardware support for the A-
1 board. This support includes connectors, an anti-cloning interface, a cooling fan and an
oversized power supply. I have shown that these features have no other plausible use
other than support for the A-l board and have cost the defendants about $7 per receiver.
As a result I have concluded that the A-l board was designed solely for DISH Network
piracy, that it was designed by the same people that designed the SV-HD8000 and that
the SV-HD8000 is designed explicitly to support it.

2.2. Sonicview i H ub

I have shown that for nearly three months after the iHub was first introduced it could not
be used for any of the reasons promulgated on the Sonicview website. It could however
be used for DISH Network piracy via so called Internet Key Sharing (IKS) within 12 days
of its release.

I have shown that approximately two weeks after being sued by DISH Network,
Sonicview released code that purportedly could be used to download firmware upgrades
from the Sonicview website. However, this code simply does not work for the SVHD8000
or SV-360 Elite receivers, confirming that the code was rushed to market.
I have also shown that the throughput of the iHub is so low that even once Sonicview
gets working download code for the iHub, the feature will be essentially useless. By
contrast, the throughput of the iHub is more than adequate for IKS.

etc ...

so they have the ihub and A1 board on investigation

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If you check on Google you will find that the only source of that infomation are FTA forums full of fta sh!t advertisement.
It's very easy to make this kind of information, it's impossible to verify the real source. ;-)
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