Phillips service contracts,TROUBLE??


I have a 55 Phillips rptv,and have never had Phillips over to do a thing,it is a year and a half old.The pip is burnt into the screen,in 3 of the 4 corners,the mute is also burnt into the screen.They say they won't fix the mute,cause it is a stationery item,I say fine,fix the pip's.They say no,anybody else having this trouble with their extended service contract?I can't even them get over to check the damn thing for anything,the contract is a joke,thinking about sueing!!Why did I buy the contract if they won't fix things??
If others are having trouble with their contracts regardless of who its with,people need to know and stay away from these companies.I would not buy an extended service contract from Phillips or advice anyone else too!!And if I won't get the extended contract on a big screen,I would not buy that brand!!

Is this a CRT projection TV? If so, sounds like you've left the PIP an MUTE on A LOT! Maybe the briteness turned up high too because it should take 14+ hours a day, every day to experience that burning of the phosphors in a year and a half. (assuming an 10,000 hour CRT life)
Don't know if they'll replace the CRT tubes (easily the cost of a new TV) since it's not really "broken", it's "worn out" in just those spots. Leaving stationary images on any CRT TV is a no-no.

Thanks Rob,u nailed it just right!!!I listen to the sports on the radio all day long and keep the tv on,but that is why I brought a contract,to fix it when something goes wrong.Nowhere in the contract does it say anything about this happening,except for stationery mute.Anyway....
Any advice on getting them to fix my TV?

I wish I could help you there, but I've had no experience fighting with them. Unless you can get a supervisor and explain to him that no- where in the manual does it say NOT to leave those settings on for fear of damaging the TV (it doesn't, does it?? please double check) maybe lawsuit threat can sway him. GOOD LUCK!!
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