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is there a thread to install the Kbox ? my hub's light remains red even after shutting everything down and rebooting

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Connect a laptop to the area, because it sounds like a network issue. Go into the networking option and do a factory reset and see if it is still red. If I'm not mistaken the flashing red is a network issue and not a khub issue, the flashing orange is a network/khub issue and solid green is when your good to go.

To setup the kbox, you only need two files put on your thumb drive. The new kbox firmware and the khub activation and that's it.

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i have green , and i downloaded the channels , i have the basic promo channels from dish , and a message saying "PROCESSING ...PLEASE WAIT " how long for that to end ? i also downloaded the june 26th bin or file

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by sada..
c&p is perfectablly legal lol with username
don't forget to share,

what is k1plus definately one member asked this question..}

Ans: dah.. its a iks fta reciever

what is difference b.w k1plus and nfusion feature wise..}}

well k1plus is better..
if u look at few things..
it has pvr, + option of standalone ( i mean with these nagra 3 channels u have to use iks) but once nagra 3 is crack, then will allow standalone bin, so u don't have to use iks all the time,
nfusion have lack of usb/pvr, so for hd u have to spend 400-500 ,
also pic quality is better on k1plus,
i know its improved on solaris model but i haven't checked it out..
so vittu nfsuion will get those channels likely but i think it will create them for a demand of pvr model within $ 200 budget..
also it will take some load from nfusion server once people swith to k1plus lol..
it is always good to have competition,

what is best place to buy k1plus/pro}}

check transat electronics,
list of official dealers are listed at
www.dssrookie.com (official)
at rookie u can't talk about bev..

how to setup k1plus/pro)}

exclusive guide c&p from ftabins.

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SmokinChronic is becoming popular

Default New KBOX PROdigy and KHUB Setup Guide
PROdigy and KHUB setup
Okay this guide is meant to address the setup of a KBox PROdigy along with the BLACK khub with the KHub logo on it. This guide is NOT applicable to the OLDER silver KHubs.

1. Connect the KBox to the coax, and power up;
2. Load the UNZIPPED bin 2.01, (or later as they are released), onto your USB;
3. Insert the USB into the port;
4. When the explorer screen appears use the remote arrow buttons to highlight the bin;
5. Press OK
6. When the bin is done loading the KBox will reboot itself;
7. Setup and scan your satellites in the menu installation dish settings menu;
8. Go to menu installation options and change Stand alone to network;
9. Set ALL AU in the same screen to OFF.
10. Plug the ethernet cable into the port on the khub;
11. Plug the KHub DIRECTLY into the KBox serial port, (NO cables needed);
12. Load the UNZIPPED khub.rom file, (found in the khub activation v2.0 in the files forum), onto your USB;
13. Insert the USB into the KBox, highlight the KHUB file on the screen;
14. Push OK;
15. When the file has loaded remove the USB from KBox;
16. Using the switch on the rear of the KBOX, reboot the KBox.

Tune to an ACTIVE NAG 3 channel, (CNN 200), is a safe one. Then wait a couple of minutes and TV should begin to pla

how to fix error, if something goes wrong with ur rec u will see h1 in front of ur rec..}
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kenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlikekenmoresp is Godlike

Default KBox Plus - How to Fix the H1 Error on the Kbox Plus
1.) Down load factory file and K1 Plus loader and unzip the following.

Link for Factory File:

KBox K1 Plus v1.71 Factory Bin Beta

Link for Factory Loader:

KBox Loader V2.00 - FTABins.NET Edition

2.) Connect RS232 cable to the receiver and plug the power cord from the receiver into the wall with the main power source off on the receiver.

3.) Open the loader on your desk top. Locate the factory file with the browse button on the loader.

4.) Now have your finger on the rear power button. Click it to the on position. When you see the H1 error appear on the display. Click CONNECT on the loader immediately. This may take a few tries but the receiver will eventually accept the file.

5.) Load the latest file and reconnect the receiver back up to the your t.v.

6.) Enter all your dish settings and your good to go.

how to download a file on pro/plus model

Default KBox PROdigy - How-To Easily Load a New File
1. Download latest file and unzip it
2. download unzipped file to your usb stick
3. insert usb stick in your receiver
4. from your remote select Menu
5. in the menu screen select utilities
6. in the utilities screen select data transfer
7. you will now see your file file on the screen,if that is correct file hit ok
8. the file will start downloading

Do not turn turn receiver off or remove usb stick until file has finished downloading.

9. once file has finished downloading,remove usb stick.
10. now turn receiver off and on from the back (hard reboot)
11. make sure auto roll is on
12. leave receiver on any one channel until picture comes up

what is difference b.w pro vs plus
both are supported equally and have same specs,
plus is older and cheaper
pro is brand new and little bit higher price than plus

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I'm a little bit confused with your message. You have a solid green light, then that means your khub should be working. You did flash your box with their firmware as well?
Do a scan and put it on channel 100 to make sure the non-encrypted channel is coming in and then change it to like channel 168 and see if you get a picture.

I am just not clear what you mean by downloading channels, did you mean you scanned for channels?

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Just to answer your question on how long do you have to wait. Just seconds...... If you can count to 10 and a picture isn't coming in and it says connecting, then something is wrong.
Are you sure you are viewing a channel that is offered, I know you said basic, but just want to double check.

The only time I see that message is for PPV channels or some channel that I don't already have.
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