Here is the list of new SonicView addition


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When i buy my SV there's a huge list but when N3 appear on Dish we lost lots of channels including Tv5 what are know channel's for intellectual not for average american moron's.

At that time a Hypercure post on Fta for All, the SV official forum, is telling i-hub will be down at each monday morning for adding channels.

Is there a rumor about SV have justice problem, it's seams to be true because if the team is not in jail maybe they are on vacation because each monday look like each month now. ;-)

PS: You know that i can't post that kind of message on extremly censured official forums. Fta racket is for sucker customer. ;-)

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Hiroyama your a freakin Idiot.

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Proove your affirmation, is it because you're the part of american moron thats are ready to pay for US propanga TV or you are enough stupid for watch HD golf channel. ? ;-)

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Rico i think you can read spanish and i want to send a spanish letter to SonicView team for their spanish channels support :

Besame el culo
Besa mi culo, puto

Cagaste y saltaste en la caca
Cago en tu leche
Chinga tu madre
Chinga usted

El burro sabe mas que tu
Eres mas malo que marihuana
Eres tan estupido como un perro

H1jo de put4
H1jo de tu put4 madre
Hueles a m1erda

Kieta el stupido elephante

La concha de tu madre
La concha tuya
La ingle

Me cago en la leche!


Tengo ganas
Tienes ganas?
Tirate a un poso
Tu eres mas feo que el culo de un mono
Tu hermano no tiene la ingle
Tu madre es muy gato y feo
Tu madre es una estupida
Tu madre es una put4
Tu madre es una put4 fea

Vete al infierno
Viete a la m1erda!

Yo cago en la leche de tu put4 madre
Yo mataria tu!

Is it correct ? ;-)

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Translated to English. A few words had to have additional characters added to get past the filth filter here:

Kiss me the bottom
It kisses my bottom, male prostitute

Cagaste and you jumped in the shitt
Cago in your milk
Chinga your mother
Chinga you

The donkey knows more than you
You are worse than marijuanta
You are so stupid as a dog

H1jo of put4
H1jo of you put4 mother
You smell to m1erda

Kieta the stupido elephante

The conch of your mother
Your conch
The groin

Me cago in the milk!


I want
Do you want?
Throw to a grounds
You are uglier than the bottom of a monkey
Your brother does not have the groin
Your mother is much a cat and snub
Your mother is a nitwit
Your mother is one put4
Your mother is one put4 ugly

Veto to the hell
Viete to m1erda!

I cago in the milk of you put4 mother
I it is you who would kill!

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Dos Culo

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