SonicView iHub Dealers getting raided...


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Lots of chatter on several FTA sites about Ihub dealers getting raided by US Marshalls, computer equipment seized, and potentially customer lists as well, just a heads up for those still keen on IKS....Its easy to have an fta box, and say hey I like international/religious tv...its not so easy to explain a device that pretty much has no legitimate purpose other then piracy. Granted you could say its for iptv...or streaming media playback....but just hope you don;t have that modified firmware in the box when they come a knockin

google iHub Dealer Raids

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jimbo post some links. Who is going to believe anything a newbie says i sure wont

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I see your link now jimbo thanks

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Where are the links?

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update.....letter from sonicviews attorney to the FTA community

TEL: (760) 809-5520 FAX: (760) 269-3542

August 6, 2009

Dear FTA Community:
SonicView has recently learned that DISH Network, Echostar and Nagrastar have filed a
civil lawsuit in Federal Court in California against Sonicview and three other related
individuals. SonicView intends to vigorously defend against the baseless claims made by
DISH. SonicView has already retained experienced litigation counsel to help them fight
these false accusations.
It has also been brought to the attention of SonicView that some of its competitors have
been improperly making contact with SonicView's distributors, dealers and customers,
and maliciously conveying misleading information to them. They have falsely stated that
SonicView's distributors, dealers and customers are being raided and their inventory
seized, and have intimated that SonicView's distributors, dealers and customers may be
liable or named in a lawsuit filed against SonicView.
Let's be absolutely clear -- only SonicView and three related individuals have been
named in the lawsuit. None of SonicView's distributors, dealers or customers have been
sued or even identified in the allegations of the Complaint, nor are they named on any
supposed list. The Federal Court has not awarded any relief whatsoever to either DISH,
Echostar or Nagrastar. SonicView is confident that it will prevail if the lawsuit proceeds,
and we (or our lawyers) will keep all of you informed of any significant developments in
the future.
Your continued business is very important to SonicView. Indeed, SonicView's success is
largely dependent on you because you have worked with SonicView to make it a top
selling FTA receiver. There is a reason why SonicView has been a success -- the quality
of the products and our customer service. You have made a choice to purchase and use
the SonicView line because the quality and customer service is unmatched in the
industry. It is clear that those unknown persons disparaging SonicView do so only in a
misguided attempt to promote their own products -- products that cannot match the
quality of SonicView. SonicView intends to continue supplying products that you and
your customers demand, products that continue to flourish in the growing FTA industry.

Manuel de la Cerra, Esq.
Attorney for SonicViewUSA, Inc.

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says it all !!!
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