NIII up in Europe confirmed


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this is NOT a Rumor it is confirmed that N3 is wide open @ POLSAT since last night
morning there of course the place was off the hook everyone is going crazy for N3.

It is stated that N3 has been dumped on 22/07/09 and a card hack is being used and worked on.
This only means that it will be coming our way to North America for FTA units soon.

"It is known that there is a card hack, but at this time they are unable to put a blocker on the card..
something to do with code space. So, the word is that they are running it on the Amulator because you dont need a blocker for that.
If they run it on a real 241 card, charlie can blast it to smithereens.
Even some jackass claiming to be the provider has said it is hacked, just not in a commercially viable way.
Meaning.. can't mass produce it for plastic without the plastic sitting like a lame duck and getting hit due to no blocker.
That's why Dark Angel is making some sort of AVR board..

The dump is out there, and the race is on for the 1st bin to come out.

Heres the fix we've been testing

N3 hack coming soon here's the dump
Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:50 pm

Opening of COM1 was successful
ATR String: 3F FF 95 00 FF 91 81 71 FE 47 00 44 4E 41 53 50
31 34 32 20 52 65 76 47 30 31 15
ROM Revision: 142
EEPROM Revision: RevG01
Closing of COM1 was successful

com diferencio to 110

ATR: 3F FF 95 00 FF 91 81 71 FE 47 00 44 4E 41 53 50 31 31 30 20 52 65 76 41 30 31 14

ATR: 3F FF 95 00 FF 91 81 71 FE 47 00 44 4E 41 53 50 31 34 32 20 52 65 76 47 30 31 15
Not if or when fizerem firm ja b *** moved to a 00 or 01 (estao to move one time per week), coloquem com os 50 algarismos 888

Or Deco Farid AU is presented as novas keys

Disfrutem do Jardim

Estou to study for a solution to ***

Até Brief

CAID 1802
Provider F410

*** 00
*** 01

*** 02

*** 03

meaning they are very close to give the final blow to trabuco nagra3

although this does not mean that when implemented for these sides, are going to break once and quit, that this entails a good time to study and work, but let us see that the software is somewhat vulnerable.

if setting in which this Posti said that the Spanish rom this something that the Portuguese better protected, which means that although we are Nagra three, the software codes have security, and some others algorritmos different components, and also we confirms that nobody can be testi the Nagra three in any receiver until this is not implemented
inform this so that users will not stop cojer Bob with some news from other sides who say a lot of nonsense

Good news, Nagra3 is already partly open Quote: A big Thank you to all equipment NanoXX The key update of K50 Spain is already partly open. Only this open. 1 st Channel 11038V 2 nd Channel 2 11038V 3 rd Channel 30 10876V Sports Channel 4 seventh 10876V 5 th Channel comedy 10788V -> 10818 or 11318? (No. 10788V Channel) 6 th Channel action 10788V -> 10818 or 11318? (No. 10788V Channel) 7 th events 11097V Channel 8 Channel 10876V Soccer Channel 9 DCine 11318V 10th Scifi 10818V 11st Fox 10818V 13rd Cartoon Network 10788V 14th BBC1 10818V 15th Nat. Geographic 10876V 16th Golf 10876V 17th Discovery 11038V 18th **** Madrid TV 11156V 19 Disney Channel 1 11318V
And the keys are:
New encryption system nagra3 open,
tested at 100% in receiversreambox,Edision.( 2600ci
test ok)
Digital +
ID 7380
key 00: 5E 73 16 BB 65 A2 B6 36 C0 A6 A0 8A 51 32 DB A1 ...03-10-2008
key 01: 9E 32 14 25 16 5E 6E 32 A4 F2 3F C9 6B E8 7C 6E ...03-10-2008
key 02: A6 A0 8A 9E 32 14 25 16 5E 6E 49 A4 F2 3F C9 6B ...30-09-2008

Tv Cabo
ID 5644
key 00: 3E 75 DD EC DE 48 2B 90 63 E9 93 B4 7D 13 FB 5E ...23-09-2008
key 01: 7E CD 60 74 7C CE 26 EC DA 79 E9 3F 29 0E BF 55 ...27-09-2008
key 02: 1D 9C CA 25 8C 64 2D 47 4F 57 C0 F9 31 75 33 78 ...27-09-2008
Aqui fica, amigo.... salvo algumas mudancas recentes

1802:000000:032b "cabo - Rtp 1 [N3]"
1802:000000:032c "cabo - Rtp 2 [N3]"
1802:000000:032d "cabo - Sic [N3]"
1802:000000:032e "cabo - TVI [N3]"
1802:000000:0321 "cabo - Sic Noticias [N3]"
1802:000000:02bf "cabo - Sic Mulher [N3]"
1802:000000:0323 "cabo - Rtp N [N3]"
1802:000000:03ad "cabo - Rtp N [N3]"
1802:000000:03a9 "cabo - Rtp N [N3]"
1802:000000:02c6 "cabo - Sic Radical [N3]"
1802:000000:012e "cabo - Sic Radical [N3]"
1802:000000:0304 "cabo - Rtp Memoria [N3]"
1802:000000:0319 "cabo - Porto Canal [N3]"
1802:000000:02c9 "cabo - Rtp Africa [N3]"
1802:000000:0305 "cabo - Rtp Madeira [N3]"
1802:000000:025d "cabo - Rtp Acores [N3]"
1802:000000:0366 "cabo - Sport TV 1 [N3]"
1802:000000:0315 "cabo - Sport TV 2 [N3]"
1802:000000:03b8 "cabo - Sport TV 3 [N3]"
1802:000000:0040 "cabo - Eurosport [N3]"
1802:000000:0301 "cabo - Eurosport News [N3]"
1802:000000:02cc "cabo - Extreme Sports [N3]"
1802:000000:025a "cabo - Espn Classic [N3]"
1802:000000:0387 "cabo - PFC [N3]"
1802:000000:0258 "cabo - Sailing Channel [N3]"
1802:000000:0006 "cabo - Discovery Channel [N3]"
1802:000000:030c "cabo - Discovery Civillization [N3]"
1802:000000:030d "cabo - Discovery Science [N3]"
1802:000000:030b "cabo - Discovery Turbo [N3]"
1802:000000:03a8 "cabo - Fashion Tv [N3]"
1802:000000:03a5 "cabo - Caca e Pesca [N3]"
1802:000000:02c3 "cabo - Canal Historia [N3]"
1802:000000:0052 "cabo - Odisseia [N3]"
1802:000000:02c5 "cabo - National Geographic [N3]"
1802:000000:0379 "cabo - Infinito [N3]"
1802:000000:02c0 "cabo - People + Arts [N3]"
1802:000000:025c "cabo - Zone Reality [N3]"
1802:000000:03ae "cabo - E Entretainment [N3]"
1802:000000:02c8 "cabo - AXN [N3]"
1802:000000:0349 "cabo - Fox Portugal [N3]"
1802:000000:034a "cabo - Fox life Portugal [N3]"
1802:000000:034b "cabo - Fox Crime [N3]"
1802:000000:034c "cabo - FX Portugal [N3]"
1802:000000:0368 "cabo - TVC 1 [N3]"
1802:000000:0367 "cabo - TVC 2 [N3]"
1802:000000:0344 "cabo - TVC 3 [N3]"
1802:000000:0308 "cabo - TVC 4 [N3]"
1802:000000:0309 "cabo - MOV [N3]"
1802:000000:002a "cabo - Hollywood [N3]"
1802:000000:02cb "cabo - Cartoon / TCM [N3]"
1802:000000:0384 "cabo - Disney Channel [N3]"
1802:000000:02c4 "cabo - Canal Panda [N3]"
1802:000000:025b "cabo - Baby TV [N3]"
1802:000000:03aa "cabo - Nickelodeon [N3]"
1802:000000:0066 "cabo - MTV Portugal [N3]"
1802:000000:0310 "cabo - MTV 2 [N3]"
1802:000000:030e "cabo - MTV Music Hits [N3]"
1802:000000:030f "cabo - MTV Dance [N3]"
1802:000000:037e "cabo - MCM Top [N3]"
1802:000000:03ab "cabo - M6 Music [N3]"
1802:000000:02be "cabo - Euronews [N3]"
1802:000000:0388 "cabo - TV Globo Portugal [N3]"
1802:000000:035c "cabo - TV Record [N3]"
1802:000000:02fa "cabo - TVE International [N3]"
1802:000000:0306 "cabo - TV Galicia [N3]"
1802:000000:0300 "cabo - Arte (France) [N3]"
1802:000000:02ee "cabo - CNN [N3]"
1802:000000:02ff "cabo - CNBC Europe [N3]"
1802:000000:02fd "cabo - TV5 Monde [N3]"
1802:000000:0302 "cabo - Rai Uno [N3]"
1802:000000:02fc "cabo - RTL [N3]"
1802:000000:0001 "cabo - Acolhimento [N3]"
1802:000000:0259 "cabo - Travel Channel [N3]"
1802:000000:025f "cabo - Bloomberg [N3]"
1802:000000:037b "cabo - VH1 Classics [N3]"
1802:000000:037c "cabo - Mezzo [N3]"
1802:000000:031a "cabo - AlJazeera [N3]"
1802:000000:037d "cabo - SKY News [N3]"
1802:000000:037f "cabo - BBC Prime [N3]"
1802:000000:037a "cabo - Biographi Channel [N3]"


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Do you know what the fox said when the train ran over it's tail?

"It won't be long now!"

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Thanks plymouth. When do you think the bin will be released in North America? Given the law suits, don't you think that the the two 'bigs' will wait until they figure out how their cases will be unfolded?

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This is old news Peg. It has been around for over a year. You have to see through the BS on this site.

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Agreed Jesus

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22/07/09 yes this is a old news

Poor idiot!

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Dingbats full of hope for 2008 keys!

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key 00: 5E 73 16 BB 65 A2 B6 36 C0 A6 A0 8A 51 32 DB A1 .. .03-10-2008

Look at the date idiot}

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Poor Idiot we just got off the Banana Boat
Fock anybody can type in 22/07/09

Give us the Link where you C/P this Info. from.

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I dont buy it

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Hay idiot do you remember this thread 9 months ago.

Thread: N3 cracked in Europe
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Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008 - 07:37 am:
N3 is now up in Europe

D+ & TV Cabo tested N3
New encryption system nagra3 open, tested at 100%..

King Arthur
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Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2008 - 06:25 am:

plymouth are you the real plymouth that
couple months or so ago was scanning in lots of C-band channels from Echo 3 @61.5
with you 33" dish? Man you don't know sh!t. The mind is a terrible thing to waste
Try to use what ever little common sense you have, do you think that
Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu Corps. are really that stupid.
If anyone is getting anything it could be little bit of bait.

Just setting you up for the kill and go out and buy these receivers.

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Seymore Butts
Fuick Off

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Seymore Butts
Fuick Off

Little f@g what you got in your mouth?

Or I will put
on your fagget stinking azz

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I heard that Plymouth went to see his lawyer.

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Jesus knows best......

yes, this rumor was already dismissed in several decent forums....

( change the * for a . )

good thing is these rumors are so entertaining,
maybe they'll manage to keep hopes & forums alive
while we chill out the (endless?) wait ...

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