Sonicview in Trouble!!! nfusion rock baby


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Sonicview in Trouble!!!


OK guys bad news for us and sonicview.Today i read about new court case about dick vs. sonicview number is 3:2009cv01553 and filed couple days ago in san diago.I know i can not give live links here but i am sure you can google it.Like i told you before they were getting ready for this i mean lawyers of charlie ,i think they are ready now to case probably gonna be nfusion and rest.So thisfirst case is very very important...If you know anything about this case or any information please share it here....

And their prices go down alot in the last week

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no new, a few days ago.
Dish Network L.L.C. et al v. Sonicview USA, Inc.

Plaintiffs: Dish Network L.L.C., Echostar Technologies L.L.C. and Nagrastar L.L.C.
Defendants: Sonicview USA, Inc., Sonicviewra LLC, Sonicviewsa LLC, Roberto Sanz, DontPay4TV, LLC, Duane Bernard, Courtney Bernard and DOES

Case Number: 3:2009cv01553
Filed: July 17, 2009

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is there any problem buying kbox ?

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and of course the "official" sonicview site Ftaforall is in full dictator mode only briefly addressing this saying it's a rumor and threatening bans to anyone who discusses it, same as what they did with the jung kwak arrest. my distaste for the people involved with sonicview grows more everyday.

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/ 627/

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There's a closed thread on the VS site from someone trying to do a warranty return to SV. He states no one is answering the phones & no response to emails over a 1 week period. Its starting to look like the ihub was a way to make a fast buck and move remaining inventory on the way out. Undertaker is right about the SV site being in dictator mode; they deleted my post about the Kwak arrest in less than 4 minutes; but what else would you expect from a bunch of dongle salesmen

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You can say what you want but my sonicview 3600 premier is up on all the premium channels and vod pay per view channels. It hasn't affected the tv, no interruptions. thanks sv coders.

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Satellite : Dish Network LLC has failed to put an immediate stop to Sonicview

New York (July 27, 2009) -- Dish Network LLC has failed to put an immediate stop to Sonicview USA's alleged pirating of satellite television programming, as a federal judge has refused to grant a temporary restraining order without first notifying the defendants of the allegations.
On Thursday, Judge M. James Lorenz of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California said the plaintiffs had established the probability of prevailing on claims that Sonicview violates Dish Network's copyright protections, but he decided against issuing an ex parte TRO and seizure order as it would effectively shutter the defendants' business.
Plaintiffs Dish Network, EchoStar Technologies LLC and NagraStar LLC sought a TRO when they filed suit July 17, without serving Sonicview with the complaint, claiming the defendants sell devices and technology used to illegally decrypt Dish Network's programming.
Judge Lorenz acknowledged the merit of the plaintiffs' claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Communications Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act but came short of issuing the ex parte TRO, deeming the seizure order too severe a remedy for the circumstances.

While the defendants may indeed be heavily involved in the manufacture of receivers and software used to intercept and steal Dish Network's encrypted signal, issuing the TRO without notice to the defendants risks causing excessive hardship, according to the order.
"In essence, plaintiffs seek to close defendants' business, including the distribution of any equipment that is not used to pirate Dish Network's programming. Contrary to plaintiffs' claim, the proposed injunction would cause defendants hardship," Judge Lorenz said.
Plaintiffs failed to substantiate claims that the ex parte TRO is appropriate because Sonicview will likely destroy evidence if they are given notice of the litigation, court said, adding that such intervention is only ever rarely justified.

Dish Networks contended that the balance of hardship recommended granting the TRO because the order would simply require the defendants to comply with federal and California copyright law, according to the order.
Sonicview allegedly sells its pirating technology through a storefront as well as numerous Web sites. Dish Network conducted an undercover investigation that confirmed the defendant is developing a device capable of hacking Dish Network's latest security system, according to the complaint.
Dish Network satellite system provides satellite television programming to over 13 million subscribers in the U.S., and the defendant specializes in providing technology that enables consumers to illegally access the programming, the complaint says.
Representatives for Dish Networks could not be reached for comment Monday.

Plaintiffs are represented by Hagan Noll & Boyle LLC.
Counsel information for defendants was not available Monday.
The case is Dish Network LLC et al. v. Sonicview USA Inc. et al., case number 3:09-cv-01553, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

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I think they are close to unlock N3
that is why Dish Network is out with those double barrel shotguns.

As stated above:
Dish Network conducted an undercover investigation
that confirmed the defendant is developing a device
capable of hacking Dish Network's latest
security system, according to the complaint.

Keep up the good work Sonicview don't let that big dog scare you.

All the people in the Satellite Community that enjoy this
Hobby, retired,unemployed,on welfare,enjoy
watching Indian TV, broke or other wise
but can't afford the the high prices
these legal crooks charge would like to thank you.

P.S.. please hurry with N3, I can't take this anymore.
Football season is almost here.
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