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Re: Breaking EKS News for Neosat iPro!


I can see that most are guilty as I am! hehe. I love to read a thread and start at the back. Then later when I come back and read it better! lols

Anyways, EKS is not a true card share, Yes cards are used but in a different manner than in any other way. They are used as a way to verify and confirm the CWs from the provider.

We have had Bev on n3 and testing it to the point of borden! lol Since november... We couldnt wait for D!sh to come around and show us N3. They annoiced that in December, then January and now they finnally have done it! WOO HOO!

Now of course there are many means of testing, and I am glad that there are! At Current time, EKS will work with: Ipro 2000 and Ipro 2000+... Those units are EKS ready! As for the Pro, not yet! sorry Pro owners. We have been working on those dongles but they are designed for one way traffic. They are a awesome dongle, but they a little short with the EKS system.

Now that being said, EKS can be made work with any ethernet type unit. As for ppv's and po*rn, Yes that is an option that we are working on. Like I said, is card based and not totally dependant on the cards, so there are many possible things with it. Drt and myself have been around for allot of years, To many for us to admit to! lol Ours paths have crossed many times, and we didnt know... I will not disclose any personal info about drt, but many of you that have tested for a while may have met me. I have had several nicks, that really dont matter, and belong to many sites. At one time i done only IRD's, and yes got took from many scams too! But most of the time I would milk them to the end and get every penny out of them. OMG the magiccard and the magiccard2 and that atmega128 work horse! all good, but had limites, Now the magicard really upset me, mostly because of support...

Now the EKS team is I beleive a new type of team, Please correct me if I am wrong. But the Ipro team really upset me too. I asked V2 if i could help as i seen the potential of the Ipro 2k unit... It is awesome! it has so many goods things to offer. I WILL not Bash the product or any product, but i was upset with what was support and then uncertancy after they made the mistake of loosing Drt. Now with EKS, i seen where it was "called" 4th party support... I would like to call it another choice. As i said it is a New way of doing things as i dont know of anyone that has ever, branched off on their own and had enough faith in a product to so. Now as for the price, it is not a scam, but a reinbursement for expenses. When you purchase a new unit, the price is broke down. The unit is relatively inexpensive from the mfg, part of the cost goes in advertising and legal fees, and then part goes into support. Well with EKS, we have allot of cost that is only out of our pocket! Thousands of Dollars in R&D and price of "secure servers" and making something reliable. I DONT LIKE JUNK! been their done that! hehe After the loss of the support of drt, i decided to team up with him. What a Great man. Even after leaving Neusat/Neosat, his heart was still in the product and in his blood.

I respect this Forum and i will not break any rules, We have set up our own chat and forum also to aid and help with the users that may have issues with EKS. I figured and we are on our own out here and want to provide the best option, 4th party or what ever you may want to call it... support. And No, i will not post it here out of respect of this fine site.

I have been reading this forum since dec of 2008, but more of a watcher and workers than a poster. Like i said, i almost died at the end of January with a complete blockage in my right main artery in my neck thus major Stroke. I was visiting Drt at the time and i would like to thank him and his wife for the care that they gave me. I am doing all better and have most of the use back in my arm and voice is doing better. HEHE it is heck not even being able to type! hehe Anyways, i will be stopping by if okay with the mods here and answer any question that may araise or be asked.

God bless you all!

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Re: Breaking EKS News for Neosat iPro!


Hello dear ftabins users..

Iam testing EKS adn that lis was created by me .

I can tell you that Iam Ipro2k/Pro2k 100%

You jave seen that i have share all that there is
out there about making this reciver work..
with CS-Camf-IKS and what ever i find.

I have been with close to EKS team
since they came out - I dont go away from
what ever makes thsi reciver works.

I have stated before that there wher many options
for this reciver and one by one they have come out.

Now this is what i was waiting for to let it out
to the public .. YES EKS is alive and will be release
with in 2 weeks.

Yes EKS has nothing to do with recivers owners
and i will not coment on that - in respect to both

Yes EKS will not be free.. trying to figure out
how to go about price wise , I have sugested to have a
trial bin for all to see what EKS has to give with no cost what so ever
and is not comfirn but it will pro happen :}.

testing DN as you read
bev is all done as well
is been loaded as you read

no ppv or po*rn

but 2 po*rn channels will be added
and latino channel as well as sport channels.
Iam pushing to have all that before the
trail bin.

SKY will have 105 channels as well
and is all done - minors delays
so i cant confirm u see it on
trail release but pushing to
have it up before trail ends.

I wan to give thanks to FTABINS Staff
for always letting us post our news
here -- you guys are awsome.

And special thx to rchammer and dclchome
for showing me how to play this
games with out taking sides
from brands or coders, just
keeping tv info for all of us.

The link for the post.http://www.ftabins.net/showthread.php?p=5161671#post516171

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Interesting info to read on it:
http://www.abadss.com/forum/801-neosat-ipro-plus-pvr-help/91750-ipro-2000-alive- eks-n3-beta-testing-has-begun-test-over.html

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actually i was reading this,
it ain't bad idea,
fta companies are going to make money by selling hub etc,
so why not this ,
this is future,
and this is for king, i don't think fta rec are going down,
there is more to come,
iks rec are just getting more popular.

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If I read well, this is not a card share but a key share.

Many ppl test it and it work, Neosat work on Ppv and p0rn for Bev an Dn.

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yes plymouth it is sort of "private sharing" for example u got a subcription for channels and send it through private server
its same as slinger but offcourse with fta rec which is good,
as they are talking in to it it will be private /secure and offcourse u don't have to count on coders/ less waiting time,

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This is a good reason why I will not buy this receiver.

Paid for hack give a good proof in court.

I want buy a NFusion but things move very fast this time, I still wait again and see what happen.
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