Future of IKS receivers


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I tried to find a thread discussing how long these IKS receivers last (KBOX K-HUB, NFUSION, SONICVIEW I-HUB). DN have started N3 but looks like IKS receivers not effecting. My concern is if I spent almost 250 dollars on IKS, how long you guys think I am able to watch internationals (mostly south asian channels). It happened with me a lot as I bought a receiver and next week its useless.

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You should not spend $250 on anything until there are definite 100% working solutions.

Maybe buy a temporary sub with this money ! A legal sub works reliably and gives you an image.

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Anything less than $350 will last yo few day on D#N
Will perhaps work only on B#V channels
D#N is gearing towards MPEG-4 1080p
This means specific HD FTA receivers with more add on DVB tuner hardware can only work with IKS

Nobody here can say specifically which HD box will work over the other
I highly doubt if VS, CW or CS will take part of the new type of PTA
Maybe Nfusion HD, K-box HD, SV-HD
They are very agressive
I personally think it will be something like Dreambox or AzBox

N3 won't be broken
So the only way to get around it will be Card/Sub share emulation
Just be careful on what to buy
Like I said previously this is like buying christmas trees in January
Don't trust any mod that will sell yo the Brooklyn Bridge

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My instinct with u king,, I just bought KBOX plus ,,, but I am not happy with IKS ,,, very unstable system,, any time any channel become black,,, very unstable product,,, I am very upset on those people who is giving wrong suggestions here towards buying unstable products,,

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Most people that disagree with me are the people that sell many of these crappy devices
I don't try to sell anyone anything
And I say waint on the buying
There will be the perfect time to buy the right thing
Be patient
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