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kk if plymouth is reading this then he remembers me (i hope)
my dish has been faking with me for the past two years....

the problem is the signal bar thing, thers two(one with a S and one with a Q)
the one with the s is okay, the Q one takes like 20mins to load...
so i gotta wait 20-30mins for a channel, so i basically miss a show.

i have been ignoring this for the past two years but now im getting tired off it

also i have Viewsat platnum*(silverbox)*

any clue wat i should do

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Username: Runescaper

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also today at like 12 o clock my dish's channels keep changing the program(like its getting hacked)
i was watching a movie on HBO then the channel didnt change but it started showing a DN advertising thing

and it kept doing tht and normally this wouldnt be a problem cuz it worked after rebooting(then came back again and again) but since i gotta wait like 30mins.... T_T

and it keeps doing channels are working atm for me(they are but to much time and the advertising thing)

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You need to reinstall the latest BIN, or better still, reinstall the factory file and then install the latest BIN.
Good luck.

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Da boi,
does it take a long time to switch channels on the same satellite? Or is it just when you switch from 110 to 119 or vice versa?
There is an internal switch in Dp LNb that may not "get the signal" every time. It may be time for new LNB(s).

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now he's selling LNBs!

Nalin was right the files are corrurpt! Get them from a different shop!!

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@ Nalin nadya...i tried tht a while back..did nothing
i think my dish things are moved a bit or a branch is stuck in em(they on my roof)

@ Rico

idk wat ur talking about..dont know much about dishes



thx for trying to help nadya
do u know how i can find out which direction the thing is suppose to be pointed at and stuff?

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and any clue about the advertising problem?

also while watching channels on echostar 7
the area wher it says echostar7(when u press info)
it turns into nimque 2(idk how u spell it, ill look it up if u need help)
then i have to reboot and then i gotta wait and back to sq 1

maybe i should just get a new box and dish :-(

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I do not sell anything. I believe Da boi has already loaded the factory bins. And checked his cables for corrosion (that will cause the switch to work intermittently). So there is no reason not to pick up a couple of $17 LNbs and a switch.
Got it dikface?

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Nimiq 2 at 91.0°W
Echostar 7 at 119 w

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