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Bashing is Incoming almost like MASH

This is not my work. it is a copy and paste from another site.. unknown, who the actual poster is, but whomever it is. deserves lots of credit for it.. this is a very good read...
I just read this off another site and haven't seen it here so I'm posting it for all of you to read it. It's by far the best read I've read so far concerning N3 and where we are. Now if it's all true or not, you'll have to be the judge. The original author is unknown to me but I'd like to thank him for such a straight view of what's going on.

I will try to answer the question so many of you want to know, and do it intelligently and in layman's terms. I will try to explain the current situation in the best possible way so all can understand it. I will only use few abbreviations in this post so that many of our newbie's can understand what I mean. I will use this many times North American Market (N/A).

Now to start. There are a lot of rumors that coders are waiting for n3 to be fully activated into the stream from each echo star uplink transmission center. I and many others underground believe this is false. The only reason that the FTA industry coders have not introduced n3 bins for any FTA Unit yet, is because they have nothing to work with. Very little of the n3 encryption information they need is available yet.

Well because until a hacker or a group of hackers crack the G3 card used in N/A the coders don't have the basic information they need to start to write any code.

Question; so how long will it take?
Well the question really is: will the information be leaked as it was for n1 and n2. I guess that might depend on how much money one or more companies are willing to pay for it. It is very unlikely this information will be leaked again. This is unlikely as value and sensitivity of the information is well known now, and the appropriate security departments will work to prevent this information from being leaked. It is possible that the information will never be leaked, preventing a n3 crack for several years.

Why so hard? n1 and n2 were hacked? Why not n3?
The best answer to that, is because of a loss of talented hackers. The number #1 hacker in Europe has been hired by the company that owns the makers of nagra3 encryption system.

Who is that you ask?
Well let's review a little history for the answers. One of the best n2 hackers was Chris Tarnovsky, the founding member of the Black Hats. The Black Hats are a German hacker group that showed many of the world's hackers just how to break into the card's security systems. But now he has been hired by NDS, the company that hacked Nagra 2. This is a good reason hackers in Spain/England and the Eastern Block's have not been able to break into the new Video Guard/Europe encryption system for the last two years.

The video guard encryption system used in Europe is different than the encryption system used here in the states with ***/dn, but the info needed still remains the same. NDS took 6 months trying to break into the n2 cards, but it wasn't until Tarnovsky was paid 6 figures that he broke the cards down in less than a week. This blew away NDS big-time. The information Tarnovsky retrieved from the cards was used by the coders to write MAPCALL codes for new BIN files. This took about 5 to 6 months to complete. Now coders have several more tools to use in writing bins, this makes it a lot faster and easier to write bins now. This is why we have new BIN files released in matter of hours not month's or week's nor even days. Most files today are written on a complier within minutes and released to the general internet within 2 to 4 hours.

Now let me give you a little history lesson "Rupert Murdoch" owns dtv and NDS, a subsidiary of the media group news corp. This company is setup for the purpose of hacking dn n2 cards, and was setup in 1999 in Israeli for the purpose of hacking and releasing the codes over the internet.

Well, because he and "Charlie Ergen" the owner of DN tried to merge both their companies twice once in 1997, and again in 2000 and the FCC forced them to stay apart. Why? Because of what many call "Capitalism' or we might call "free market". The government refused to allow the merger saying it would create a monopoly. Dtv and dn have been in a lawsuit since 2002, which is just now in a federal court in California. Dtv and dn have been fighting between themselves. This is the reason Dtv hacked and released the n2 codes to hurt dn. Why? Well because Rupert Murdoch does not want DN to have a greater market share of satellite tv industry in the US and that pretty much says it all.

Now back to who writes Nagra Encryption System? A Swiss corporation called Kudelski Group and Echostar(USA) equally own NagraStar who are the producers of the dn Nagra Encryption System, and have invented all 3 (n1,n2, and n3) Nagra encryption systems variants used in the N/A market.

Now what's been going on in the past week?
Well since Christmas week all DTH Satellite uplink centers have been broadcasting both the n2 and n3 Encrypted stream simultaneously. This has some good points to it, meaning that each new (G3) card has both accesses CW both public and private keys for both sets of encrypting the EMMs and CAMs. Coders can use this very small amount of known information to help start a solution on coding bins for FTA Receivers.

I'm absolutely positive that until the private CW codes are known, the coders are not going to be able to break the n3 security encryption. To progress further the hackers must be successful in peeling away the 3 extra layers of silicone in the G3 security chips. This can be accomplished using a powerful electron microscope and several different acids and lasers, to get to the final precious bottom 3 layers of the Kudelski chip where all the precious codes are hidden. Only the best hackers (engineers) have the ability to do this type of work. So please do not think for one minute that any 'back yard' computer 'guru' hacker can break this type of security system, I'm sorry it just isn't going to happen. 'EVER' So what some of us do know is that without Chris Tarnovsky techniques that allowed him to break open chip cards that block access to pay TV the whole world would still be without a crack for satellite tv. Is there hope for us yes! Of course, it is always possible. Hackers are working on this problem now out in the hundreds of labs setup in different countries .
But remember they have to have do several things, first access to G3 cards, unissued cards open and clean meaning; cards that have not been imbedded with maintenance access codes, and user access codes used to track the customer uses of this system, PPV Events, PPV Movies, p0rn and so on. This is very important and requires someone from the inside of the manufacturing department, of the (SI) department itself. But this is not likely to happen with that amount of screening done by the company's for their personal. And that each person has to allow the company into their lives, banking records, and life styles.

So how long will it take before any group of coders have a fix for n3, well depending on the amount of info on the new G3 cards they might have to run on a complier for several days, or using (banks of compliers) for several weeks. It's still unknown the amount of new process in the map codes used on these new chips. Estimate run all over the place so nobody actually knows for sure, best guess is 6 months to a year before the info needed becomes a new file for release.

So what are the FTA manufactures doing about this?
This is where we are now, it is possible some manufactures have already hired hackers or paid hackers to break into the G3 encryption systems. Some are still under lawsuits now brought by echo star and dn and may not be doing anything at all. I would bet you a hundred to a dime that's a 1000+1 odds that 'if and when these codes' are broken and released on the internet we all will know it the same day. And on that day I bet the coders will start working on the solutions to n3 problem A.S.A.P

So until the whole internet is busting out with this info "HACK" we will be in the dark. That's just a fact of life.
Whether this is good news or bad doesn't matter to me, it's just the truth about where we stand right now.
Good post but after reading that dude in florida got arrested ....didn't it say he was in possesion of a N+3 hack.....
He sure did have to pay but of course when you are in the know the price is very high(3 figures seems small) i remember the last bust and it seemed it wouldnt happen, then all of a sudden they started working and keeping up with the changes in mere hours

so is it busted or not the law suit says yes

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I read that some time ago, but is a good read nevertheless

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More BS:

They know you only have to go to 13.8 and enter the nag3 acceptance bytes! All sub cards have that info and they can read them!!

Its all a money game,they milk the herd for what its worth, then miraculously the n3 bytes will become public information!

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check this one out i dont know is the true or not but i just wants to sare with u guys

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Sam they will kick that under the rug!!

They will tell you its old nag2 stuff!

However it does give direction for entering nag3 at 13.8 take a look..

Nag 2 will be used for years to come and adding the correct bytes in 13.8 will open all the n3 channels!!

Plus or Minus 15 days

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you are so full of it. Back it up dikface or STFU and leave these people alone.

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Your the cox sucker you imbecil.These sheeple need to be herded away for your intelect!!

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I Know LK does not pay you enough to look that stupid.

"Your the cox sucker you imbecil.These sheeple need to be herded away for your intelect!!"

If he pays you 1 cent a post... he has paid too much.

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A guy who are not able the difference between Circular and Linear can't help nobody but is a NOBODY.

joeturn aka imbecil aka idiot

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Sure I can Circular is horizontal and linear is vertical it always has been and it will never change but technobabble will steer the herd towards a buying frenzy for the phantom lnbs that serve no additional purpose other than to seperate a fool from his money$$$$$$$$

Who is LK?
Sounds as if though he gave up on you guys too quick!!

I know most of you have been brain washed into believing all the sales pitches,but I see there is still hope for you..

Your ability to search for other peoples problem when they are not mentaly capable of doing anything other than asking for a spoon feeding...
Shows Promise<I;-)

Why you need such notariaty is baffling?
Were you abused as a child?

I will confront Dr Phil on your behalf and we will have you snapped back into reality in no time!! Even if LK has failed there will always be someone willing to point out the error of your ways!!

It is a seeming impossible task but bare with me an up hill strugle does not always end in defete..

Spell check Loopy

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The complexity of the security code of N3 can be overcome by very intelligent use of computers with well designed hacking software. If necessary even 10 computers, each with a slightly different intent of analysis, can be working in parallel on the encrypted video stream. Kudleski group used the microscope for attacking N2, but what is needed is good software for analysing and a co-ordinated effort between 3-6 hackers working as group.

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Not so Nalin thats more technobabble, it is posted several times on the internet !

To keep the curious from exposing the simplisity of cloning a card.. If it was common knowledge that all one needed was a friend with a sub and a programer..IKS would go back down the drain..

They make up gobs of fairy tells for people and if someone with a following post it they all think its gosple!!

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The code was never broken it was released by NDS in the name of NAGRA the group in Israel that Uncle Ruport paid to be the fall guy!!

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Plucking order. C/P from another site. I don't know how one could get this info, but it is soo specific I will post. Most of the stuff on this site is bogus anyway, so it is probably appropriate;

MAY 18

141 ,145 ,146 ,147 ,152 ,319 ,320 ,321 ,322 ,323 ,327 ,328 ,329 ,330 ,332 ,
333 ,401 ,410 ,412 ,413 ,439 ,560 to 572 ,882 ,891 ,894 ,898 ,899 ,5440 ,5441

MAY 19

341 ,342 ,343 ,344 ,345 ,346 ,347 ,350 ,351 ,352 ,353 ,354 ,355 ,356

MAY 20

111 ,113 , 115 ,119 ,121 ,133 ,149 ,153 ,163 ,167 ,175 ,177 ,178 ,179 ,187 ,190 ,192 ,193 ,194 ,195 ,
198 ,199 ,203 ,206 ,207 ,211 ,273 ,400 ,455 ,456 ,873 ,876 ,877 ,888 ,892 ,893 ,987 ,9575

MAY 21

301 ,302 ,304 ,305 ,307 ,309 ,310 ,311 ,312 ,313 ,314 ,340 ,923 to 946 , 905 to 981.

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Zulu that looks like a channel list that is going to nag3!

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Let me give you my dream to solve the N3 problem.

Release code that could network thousands upon thousands of STB's searching for an unlocking code.

Like the SETI effort. As soon as someone find a key, it is released on the network. And received by other STB's.

But..... coders being money hungry, we will never see that happen.

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I will pardon your ignorance.
I am NOT talking about "the simplisity of cloning a card." That is for the students of anatomy of a chip or a card.
I am talking about a functionally equivalent code or software program. That is the study of physiology of the card and the stream gained from the responses, etc.
I do not think you under stand what software hackers do.
Anyway, I suggest you put your high powered microscopes on sale, because I agree with you that they are useless.

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Talking about microscopes..... nobody cared to comments how come my 9242 legal receiver has nothing in the card slot and yet it receives N3 right now ?

The solution is not reverse engineering a card, it is in the air. The code is being downloaded to STB's.

Stop searching into the ROM card.

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limits noone is searching into any cards with microscopes! Its all technobabble to convince you not to read your buddys card and put it on your STB..

The chips are preflashed in the new sub recievers that is why there is no need for a card .

If you do have to go to the new card for nag3 then piracy will be wide open again. This was called card sharing!!

You can still read a sub recievers chip by wiring it with a 232 connection and using a programmer.

Then there is a software already available to edit the expiration date and change the bytes to enable the channels again that susposedly went to nag3.Which is nothing more than channels disabled in the new files!

So to read the new reciever and editing that read to not be timed to expired and opening up the channels that were disabled is the NAG3 fix!

Let me say again nag2 was nothing more than disabled bytes.Nag3 is nothing more than disabled bytes!

You can write that edited read to a card easier but you only have to add your edited read to your loader.. Soo whats the hold up, too many people wanting a hand out instead of doing it them selves.

I cant imagine the purpose the card slot is still on the new sub recievers?

How am doing now sam are your eyes still bleeding hows testing ie7 coming along..I still use 5.5<I;-)
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