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Username: Christ649

Toronto, On Canada

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Registered: Feb-08
is NFusion up or down

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Username: Sparky41701

Chavies, Ky Usa

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Registered: Jun-06
down here

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Username: Nash04

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Registered: Dec-06
Yes. Its down for both provider since 9.00 pm central.

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Username: Vittu

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Registered: Oct-07
it's down.

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Username: Saqeeb9000

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Registered: Oct-07
yeh its down,

i hope something good turn out with this black out..

watching k1plus..

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Username: Free_tver

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Registered: Jan-08
Back up :-)

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Username: Francodeman

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Registered: Aug-06
You can either reboot/reset your router or...
Turn on the emulator - Menu>User settings>Emulator>on
It still works as a stand alone receiver


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Username: Saqeeb9000

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Registered: Oct-07
thanks fradcodeman

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Username: Bugster999

Katy, Tx

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Registered: Dec-05
Out of the Nfusion which one is better the phoenix or the Solaris also do you get N3 with it or just n2?

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Username: Francodeman

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Registered: Aug-06
I have the Nova as I bought mine about 3 years ago. From my experience, any NFusion is a good receiver. Good quality picture and good "up" time. As far as I know, nothing gets N3 as it hasn't been hacked in North America yet. NFusion, like some others are just card sharing. Better up time but not a true N3 hack. Occasionaly their are 'work arounds' which is simply a subscribed card in the server which we all get to enjoy. I'm looking at an HD unit next when N3 gets free as I already have several SD receivers from ROM cards to true fta's.

Reguardless, beware of clones and buy from a rep dealer. beware of some on flea bay. Ya never can tell...
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