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Please note that the Bev servers were removed for security and hardware issues.

As you may recall, the servers were cutting out often lately and there are many new hardware updates that are going on at the moment.

At the same time, there are many sites that have recently disappeared and nFusion felt it was a good time to go offline and complete what they are working on.

Digital Store has not updated anyone yet as there must be a good reason.

For security, many sites are removing nFusion and any iks capable receivers off there web site until they find out what is going on.

This has nothing to do with nFusion but rather a fear that the sellers will be attacked by the big boys as they have nothing to stop nFusion right now expect fear.

nFusion is 100% a free to air receiver just like any other fta receiver but also has some advanced features such as the iPVR and weather update features.

Don't worry or you may want to worry that nFusion is so good that they are a main target but once the data are gathered, I am sure the sites will put them back up and the sales will be much more than they were ever.

I am also sorry it took so long for this statement but was also waiting for an update from Digital Store as well as some other stores but did not get any yet.
Copy and Paste from ftaview.

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[link removed]
Above copy and Paste link.

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What was the security threat................Digital getting caught?

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hi i am using nfusion since one year,but now is not working evry thing is correctly installed signal is good ,but service is not available pls help me will be thanks
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