Captive Works running behind


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Well, It looks like CW is gonna be one of the last AGAIN!!!

Have the SonicViews really been up nonestop since Jan?

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like a finely tuned machine that is the sv8000 hd

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Last summer 2008 Soniview was always down where Cw is up everytime.

The wheel turn for sell more receivers, sometimes it's Pansat, sometimes it's Viewsat , sometimes it's Captiveworks and now it's Sonicview, which is the next?

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yep!captive works used to be the best with fixes,and now they sack big time!"o yeaaa give as more money!"

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I got one because they seemed to be on the ball at the time. They are definately slipping some. Can't really complain about any same day fix but if it gets to 2 or 3 days and everyone else is up it'll be time to toss it

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Anyone would be very naive to think that DN does Not get a piece of the action on the production of FTA receivers. DN PERMITS their signal to be intercepted. It is a very good sales tactic. Dn is like a drug dealer that gives you a taste for free until you are hooked. Users that receive their signal are not hurting the business at all. DN is setting all the FTA community up. Any time they want, they can change the encryption to shut down current hardware. Hell they shut us down any weekend there is a good PPV. They have become the GOOD GUYS. Through this sales tactic they actually gain new subs. Ask yourself this question. If there was only one way to receive satellite programming, and that was a sub. And DTV and DN were the very same price and the same programming, What would you do? DTV Shut us down years ago. What hardware do you have on your roof? When N3 comes online. DN will gain thousands of subs. N3 will be compromised like any other encryption. In the mean time DN profits.

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Rico, your on crack with Plymouth. Thats almost as stupid as Plymouth and Nalins chit they post.

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Everybody knows it too. The more chit you post the stupider you are!

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1) THE FTA TESTER from Oklahoma

2) Plymouth from Quebec

3) Rico Suave and Rico Papi from Ohio

4) I may Doze but never Closed
I am always here. If I don't know the answer I will find it for you.

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Username: Mohamad_obama

Terhan, Iran Iran

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Rico, that is about the dumbest statement I have ever read. If that is true, I'm sure you can back it up.

I expect dumb statements from butt head, but I thought, maybe you had a little more sense, not much just a little.

Guess not.................Have you ever traced you roots to see if their isn't a frenchman in there somewhere?

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Or a frenchman in his butt.?????

lmao ,so true Mohamad.

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New CaptiveWorks files are out at:

[link removed]
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